Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soccer Mom

Tonight is Bud’s last soccer game. This has been a much better experience than t-ball (thank the good Lord!) and Bud has really enjoyed being out there and running all around. That’s not to say that he didn’t completely space out and play Buzz Lightyear with his arm last game but overall it’s been a really good experience. 

His coaches made vacation plans ages ago, before they even agreed to coach, so they will not be there tonight. I don’t know what it is about my husband but there is something that makes people ask him to cover for them, and now he's dragging me with him! He routinely filled in during t-ball and last week they asked us if we would fill in for them tonight. May I mention, neither my husband or I have ever played soccer before. The extent of my soccer experience occurred when I was a long term sub at the local high school and I covered a gym class and it was soccer day. During that class a girl fell and broke her collarbone. What I learned from my soccer experience was how to fill out an accident report. Let’s just say that I’m glad at this age all they do is run around chasing the ball because at least I’ll know we are at the same skill level. 

Before we go tonight I really only have one question. Do I get to wear the whistle?

 (No, that is not an optical illusion. That other kid is really that much bigger than Bud.)


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  1. Has anyone ever told you that your kid is short? Kidding! I *knew* he was short, but those pictures just prove it. Ah, well, it looks like it doesn't hold him back!

    I bet you're an awesome soccer mom!

  2. OMG he looks like a total soccer star! Ps...are you coaching next season :)