Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Flashback

This particular photo has been on my waiting list for my Friday Flashback but I was speaking with my cousin last night and she requested I use this one (she didn’t even know it was waiting in the wings! Great minds!)

As always, a reoccurring theme with my flashbacks are the horrible fashions of the 80’s and early 90’s. I kind of hope my mom let me dress myself because if she put this outfit together…sigh. However, I take full responsibility for my facial expressions…a trait I apparently passed on to my son.

I believe my aunt is thinking “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me!”

You may notice a large bandage on my cousins head (sitting on my Aunt's lap). This was a result of a fight with a boat propeller…on dry land. She’s gangsta like that.

It also looks like my other cousin is licking cotton candy off of my head. I don’t recall the incident so I’m hoping it’s just a trick of the camera! :-)

Speaking of gangsta, I’m not entirely sure who the guy in the background is. I think it might be my uncle but being the 80’s and having a mustache doesn’t give me any clues. He seems to be throwing some gang signs. I’ll have to investigate that one.

Happy Friday!


After much discussion with family members, it has been determined that the thug throwing gang signs in the background is, in fact, my father. I guess the fact that his mustache is not gray completely threw me for a loop! All I can think about is that Geico commercial (I may watch too much TV) about people doing stupid things with smart phones "Is there room for a man with a bro-stache at this party?"

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  1. L-O-V-E your facial expression.

    hot stuff. :) hahahahahahah

  2. Love this photo! So very funny, especially with the back story.