Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Flashback

After yesterday’s picture of Bud’s ear I thought I’d stay in the same "injury picture" vein for this week’s Friday Flashback.

I have several observations about this picture:

~The 80's were a truly horrific time period for clothing

~It's good to know male pattern baldness runs in my family. You know, for Bud's sake later on.

~I'm fairly certain my mom still has that tablecloth 

~Babe definitely has the same hair as me

~If digital cameras were available when I was little this picture would have never been around for this Friday Flashback.

I only have one more thing to should have seen the other guy!

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  1. Those childhood years are so injury prone! I think that table cloth is lovely. :)

  2. A little nervous that your shirt looks like you sewed two together...please tell me you saved that!