Monday, August 1, 2011

My eventful weekend

I had quite an eventful weekend. It included my husband fixing my brakes and Babe peeing on the counter…twice! I wish that was the end of the story.

On Friday when I pulled into my parking space at work the two custodians in my building were out there on a smoke break (who knew smoking would come in handy?!) and when I got out one of them told me to get back in and push my brake pedal. Sure enough, my brake lights weren’t working.

My kids finally had their first appointment with their new doctor (YAY!) that afternoon and the pediatricians office is in the same town that I work which is 20 minutes from home. So in order to take them I had to drive home, pick them up , and drive back to town. I didn’t want to do all of that with no brake lights and my kids in the car. Thankfully I was able to switch cars with my husband and he said he would try to figure out what was wrong while I took the kids to the doctor.

After a successful (but eventful…that story next) doctor visit I got home to find my fabulous husband had figured out what was wrong and was on his way to fixing it. Although my husband is super knowledgeable about cars he called up an acquaintance who is a parts manager at a local dealership to confirm his suspicions. While talking about what part he needed the guy mentioned that the switch box attached to the brake pedal (the culprit of this problem) controled more than just the brake lights. It controls the trailer hitch and also the cruise control. That right there stopped us both in our tracks. My cruise control hasn’t worked for MONTHS! Sure enough, once the switch box was replaced my brake lights worked again and so did my cruise control! So all this time I have been driving around with no brake lights! I’m so lucky that I didn’t get into an accident or get pulled over and ticketed! Thank goodness for the custodians!

That same day, as mentioned above, my kids finally had their first appointment with their new doctor. They both were due for shots. Bud needed 4 (poor kid!) and Babe needed 1. They were very good the whole time. Not to say they didn’t have their moments (like when Babe was chasing Bud around the 9x9 exam room and they both fell in a heap about 2 centimeters from the corner of the cabinet. If you ever want to feel like a bad mom I suggest having that happen while the doctor is in the room.) but overall they really cooperated. The doctor did the physical part of the exams for both of them first and left the shots for last. When it was time for that they had Bud (he said he wanted to go first) sit on my lap and I held his arms down while two nurses each gave him two shots in each leg. Amazingly he didn’t make a peep! No crying or even an “oww”!! Nothing! I could tell it hurt him because his brow was furrowed and he had the look he gets when he’s mad about something but we were moving on to Babe’s shots so I didn’t really have a chance to talk to him about it. Babe sat on my lap and got her shot and she didn’t cry either! Not a peep, just like her brave, big brother! I was so proud of both of them!

So that was the end of the appointment and (after all praising them a bunch) we walked out of the exam room with the nurses. As we walked down the hall Bud started to bump into me and I looked at him and he was as pale as a ghost! He had no color in his lips and he was staggering around! The nurses noticed and completely took over like the pros they are! We brought him back into the exam room and laid him on the table and they gave him an ice pack for the back of his neck. He was sweating profusely and really groggy. He didn’t pass out or throw up but he was just really groggy and out of it. This whole time Babe sat patiently on the chair in the room. I didn’t even ask her to, she just climbed up and sat still. You could tell she was nervous for her brother.

After a bit the nurses suggested I bring the car right up to the door and start the AC. I did that while they waited with him in the room. By the time I got back his color was starting to return and he looked MUCH better. They helped me carry him out and get him in the car. They were so wonderful and I’m so grateful that we were still in the office when that happened and not driving home. I don’t know how I would have handled it! I’m glad I didn’t have to find out! The whole time he handled it like such a big boy! I’m lucky with these two!

Now comes Babe’s part of the weekend saga.

On Sunday my MIL brought lunch down (because she’s awesome) and we were sitting around the dining room table and Babe and Bud were off playing. Babe comes walking in with her legs wide apart, the tell-tale sign she peed in her pants. I jumped up and asked her where she peed. She said “On the counter.” I said something along the lines of “What do you mean, on the counter?” Sure enough, she had climbed up to get something (I’m not even sure what) and peed a nice big puddle all over my counter. Thankfully, the only collateral damage was my husband’s iPod arm band (it cleaned off easily). I wish that was the end.

Later that day Babe woke up from her nap and was really cranky. I had dinner going on the stove and was in the middle of cutting up watermelon for dessert so I sat her on the counter to have a piece to shut her up keep her occupied. I was rinsing my hands in the sink and she was kneeling on the counter and she gave me this really panicked look. I wasn’t sure what was wrong but it went away quickly and she went back to eating her watermelon. I threw away some of the rinds in the garbage and noticed that my toes were wet. I figured it was watermelon juice. I was wrong. I looked over at Babe and she was sitting in a puddle! She had peed on my counter again!! I sat her in the sink and started wiping down the counter. That’s when I realized my feet were wet because it was dripping off the counter and onto the floor! Ugh! So I cleaned up the floor and wiped down the drawers (we have three big drawers in that section of the cabinets). I opened one of the drawers to make sure I got all of it and I was greeted with my utensils floating in pee!!! Awesome! Yes, it leaked into my drawers and completely drowned my big utensils (serving spoons, spatulas, knives, etc.!) Thank God my husband came over to help me because I was about to lose it. (Did I mention that we were having company come over for macaroni and the water was boiling at this point?)

After I got it all cleaned up I said to her “No more peeing on the counter! Next time, where are you going to go pee? Her answer? No lie…”On the table.”

So, how was your weekend?


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  1. OMG- am I ready to be a mom?

    My heart was racing for you while reading this.

  2. Haha, I love it! Classic kid comment! Hey at least you figured out where the pee was...imagine if you went to serve a salad in a week and had crusty, nasty, smelly salad tongs. :)

  3. Kids pee in the worst places. My oldest (who is now 14) peed in the dressing room at Walmart. I was in the middle of changing clothes and couldn't get her to the bathroom.

    I also had one of my kids kicked out of the doctor's exam room for making too much noise.

  4. My kids scream like there's no tomorrow when they get shots. I don't blame them though. Those things hurt. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  5. oh my gosh you really did have an eventful time. It is always something isn't it!

    Wanted to present you with the Versatile Blogger Award. hope you'll accept! :)