Monday, August 29, 2011

The Great New York State Fair

On Saturday we made our way to the Great New York State Fair! We almost didn’t make it because on Thursday the kids came down with fevers that lasted through Friday, but I wasn’t going to let them ruin my good time thankfully they recovered well enough to go and have a great time!

Because we were able to park right at the gate (Thank you Chris!) we entered the fairgrounds by the rides. To maximize cooperation by the little ones we started with a few rides before heading off to the exhibits we wanted to see. 

 This has to be our first ride every year. He loves the airplanes!

Bud legitimately beat me and Babe coming down the slide. He gloated for a quite a while.

We walked around for a bit, signed up for a free in-home estimate for a bathtub refinish, checked out the butter sculpture, and double checked the times for the Trooper demonstrations before grabbing a bite to eat. (Fair + sausage = happy kids.)

 After lunch we caught the canine and repelling demo’s at the Trooper exhibit. That was so hot I left sweat marks on the concrete when I got up a lot of fun! Bud was beside himself when the troopers gave him a high five after the show and posed for a picture.

We played some mini golf (where the attendant told me at the end that Bud looked more suited to playing hockey than golf because he had great stick handling skills – AWESOME!)


Finally, we went back over to the rides and finished out the day tired and cranky but hopped up on cotton candy and fried dough. I don’t know a better way to spend the day!

 Yes, this is a giant hamster wheel in water. Bud thought this was the best!!

I'm very disappointed I didn’t get a final picture of them. Babe was passed out cold and almost falling out of the stroller because she wasn’t strapped in. Bud was so hot and cranky that he was burying his head in the back of the stroller. So instead of tired cranky kids I will leave you with pictures of our carrots from our garden. Personally, I think the carrots are more fun than the kids were by the end of the day.


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  1. That looks like a fantastic day!

    We saw those hamster wheels in water when we were at the Erie County Fair and I thought "wow, kids probably love those things!" Glad I was right!

    And your last carrot picture looks a little dirty to me. ;)

  2. All perfect family days are required to end a little cranky. :) I loved your pictures! I think I need a fried donut.

  3. I remember that trooper exhibit when we was awesome! Glad you guys had such a great time, I can't believe how big the kids are!