Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Day In The Life: Husband Edition

My husband is the unluckiest man alive. I’m starting to think his name should really be Murphy. EVERYTHING that could go wrong goes wrong for him (I won’t ponder what that means for our marriage). Yesterday was a prime example.

Our conversation on my way home from work:

Me: So what are you up to?
Him: I’m looking for your daughter. I think she went upstairs.
Me: That’s where I would look too.
Me: What??
Me: WHAT??????
Him: Your daughter is covered from head to toe in lotion!
Me: Please, oh please, take a picture for my readers me!!!
Me: What kind of lotion?
Him: I don’t even know!
Him: (after taking a picture…he’s so accommodating!) I don’t even know what to do. How do I even clean this up?
Me: Put her in the tub and hose her off. If it’s all over her clothes put her in fully clothed and work your way to naked.

 Yes, it was sunscreen that she was using to become Snow White!

 Notice she is posing and saying cheese. Terrible two's are not a myth!

I got home and went upstairs to make sure he hadn’t killed Babe greet my family and my husband is missing a sock and he’s got a ball of paper towels in his hand. Forget “hi”, his first word to me was “HELP!” He was painting and stepped off the chair he was using and lost his balance. His socked foot landed in the paint tray and, of course, spilled paint ALL OVER the floor! Thankfully we were able to clean it up pretty easily but he’s definitely down a sock.

THEN! He tells me this story. The story that relates to asking you to pray for him. He is looking for a new job and applied to our local cable company. It’s a really wonderful opportunity with great benefits and everything. He actually got an interview last Thursday and it went really well. (Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts!) Since then we have been on pins and needles waiting to hear back. Yesterday he did. They are hiring 6 new people (good!). They got terrific feedback from the interviewer (GREAT!) and they wanted to hire him for the job (AWESOME!)! 

EXCEPT…the recruiting guy made a mistake and forgot to check out our geographic location before calling him for an interview. According to company policy employees must live within a certain mile radius from the “home” office. We exceed that distance and therefore he’s ineligible to be employed at that location. There are no openings in any of the locations that he would be eligible for.

This poor guy can’t catch a break!

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  1. wow. just wow.

    your poor hubby. when it rains, it pours. :(

  2. Uggg! I was hoping he would get it :( At least he can now start praying for a really mild winter!

    PS: Babe looks ADORABLE! Might have been tempted to leave her that way, or at least let her outside for a while. 1) I am sure she is over portected with all that sun screen on and 2) think of all the funny crap in the yard that would stick to her! hehe.

  3. Sorry about his luck, but you know that means you must be lucky. Balance of the universe you know :)