Thursday, March 3, 2011

The unluckiest man alive

My husband has the worst luck ever. If something can go wrong for him it will. He is looking for a new job. He has been unhappy in his current position for years but recently has stepped up the search to a more active level. He’s applied to several jobs at the college I work for with no luck. One in particular had me in a tizzy! He had literally EVERY qualification and he didn’t even get an interview! Not even an interview!! He doesn’t have a bad reputation, we just can’t figure that one out! He’s taken civil service exams and hasn’t gotten anywhere. Most recently he’s been completely screwed over. He took the Sheriff’s exam in November. We expect his scores any week now but at this point that doesn’t matter. He got a letter in the mail last week saying that he neglected to attend the mandatory physical agility portion of the exam. OK, except that he was never NOTIFIED about the physical agility portion of the exam!! He would have divorced me if it meant making that part of the process! Nothing would have stopped him from going! He called the personnel department right away to see if it could be rectified but the devil lady said he was out of luck. She said that she can’t be held responsible for the mail and if he didn’t get the letter notifying him about the agility portion he’ll just have to take the written test again, when/if it’s offered again. After that lovely conversation he called every person he’s ever known to be connected to the Sheriff’s office, he even called the Undersheriff! Everyone feels incredibly bad for him but no one can do anything. The Undersheriff said he has no influence over the personnel department and his friends are all too low on the ladder to make a difference. He had a meeting with the devil lady’s boss and he’s going to look into it but we don’t have a lot of hope. So because the post-office didn’t deliver one piece of mail his fate is decided for him! I’m not a conspiracy theorist but my God I just might be pushed into being one! How can so much go so wrong for one person?

I have been consumed by this. I don’t do anything without thinking about this. I couldn’t even post anything here yesterday because this was all I could think about (which is why I’m writing this now, to get it off my chest). Is one lucky break too much to ask for? Anyone want to hire a hard-working, unlucky man??

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