Monday, March 21, 2011

Night time fun

Just when I started basking in the glory of full nights of sleep again my kids have conspired against me. Ok, so maybe it’s not Bud’s fault he’s sick with a nasty cold that has led to an ear infection, and maybe he’s still young enough that any ache and pain is traumatic but I think it just proves that boys are wimpier than girls when they are sick! I know his throat hurts really bad, I know it does, the pain on his face is real with each cough. Crying and screaming, however, is not a productive means of dealing with it! Try explaining that to a sick 4 year old at 2am!

At the same time his dear stister (not a typo, it’s what Bud calls her) thought it would be a good idea to wake up every half hour and stand in the hallway. Just stand there. Not come in my room, not play with the outlet, nothing! With my super-sonic mom hearing I wake up immediately at the sound of her putting her blankie away in the cubby-hole of her bed. She then creeps out into the hallway, more often than not completely shutting her bedroom door which means that she is unable to get back into her room without assistance…that would mean me! I’ve tried all different things, getting right up and bringing her right back in, waiting a long time hoping it will tire her out (and the times when she doesn’t close herself out, hoping she’ll just go back in by herself). I’ve tried calling out to her to go back (ha! Like she listens to me in the middle of that day too!) and I’ve tried giving her a bottle. Sure enough, a short time later it’s the same routine all over again! Is it wrong to duct tape a toddler to her bed?? I tried pushing my husband out of bed to make him deal with her but he doesn’t have my super-sensitive hearing (I think the correct term is deaf as a doornail) so at 3am he’s not fully grasping the concept.

I think this is my punishment for thinking I have great kids…and thinking, as a parent, I will ever get a decent night’s sleep ever, ever again!!

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