Thursday, March 17, 2011


Bud's first trip to the dentist a few weeks ago went really smoothly. He does have a couple of cavities (who knew fluoride in drinking water was really that important!) and we went today to get them filled. At the last appointment the dentist explained to Bud that he has a new machine that is a laser (like Buzz Lightyear!) and it doesn't hurt and it will get it done really fast. He explained to me that with this new machine they don't have to use Novocaine because it really is painless and a great thing to use on kids. He did warn that some kids get scared by the noise (a clicking sound) but I wasn't worried about Bud, he's always a trooper!

So today we go and Bud is not worried or scared or anything! We read some books while we are waiting, everything was fine! In we go and the dentist turns on the machine and Bud looked at me like Are you serious?? He didn't say a word but I saw the fear in his eyes and his fists clench and every muscle tensed! I tried to reassure him and calm him but he was too freaked out. I was really surprised because he's usually as cool as a cucumber.

The dentist (mercifully) stopped and said he's going to recommend him to a pediatric dentist where they are better equipped to handle kids.

He didn't want to show that he was scared but there was no hiding it. I felt so helpless seeing his little face full of fear. I know he'll have to do a lot more things in life that he finds scary but my God I would do anything not to see that look again! Unfortunately I think I'll see it again in May when we go to the pediatric dentist.

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