Monday, March 14, 2011

A holiday worth celebrating!

Happy National Potato Chip Day! I really can’t think of a snack food more worthy of a “day” than the potato chip! My Wavy Lays got me through some pretty rough pregnancy cravings (twice). They are my go-to snack for any occasion. Who cares if foods fried in oil are bad for you and can cause cancer and other illnesses, there is a reason you can’t eat just one people!!!

So thank you, Chef George Crum (very appropriate name!) for inventing this amazing, beloved snack! Without potato chips my tuna sandwich would be naked! Without potato chips I wouldn’t have to hide in the pantry and eat them out of the bag quickly so I don’t have to share them with my kids! Thank you Chef Crum! Thank you!

Happy National Potato Chip Day! I hope you indulge in your favorite variety today, guilt-free! I think it’s against the law not to. It is a national holiday after all. That would be like not having lasagna on Christmas, or candy on Halloween! And be sure to spread National Potato Chip day cheer wherever you go! This is not the type of holiday to keep to yourself. I may even eat them with the pantry door open today!

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