Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beware the potato!

Bud won't eat potatoes. He just won't. He liked fries until he found out they were really potatoes. We couldn't figure out what his hang up was. That is until the other day. We were eating dinner at my in-laws and when he was offered potatoes he refused. Then he very casually, almost wistfully, said "I wish something else grew out of ears." What?? Then it dawned on me. Whenever he has wax in his ears we tell him he has potatoes growing out of his ears! He literally thought potatoes grew in ears! My mind is racing but he continues. "I wish carrots grew out of ears instead." Hold on. Bud, potatoes don't really grow out of ears, they grow in the garden. Remember, you helped Grandma pull them from her garden this summer? He just looked at me skeptically and still wouldn't eat them. Last night we had potatoes and he's still very hesitant about them. Maybe this summer when he sees them in the garden we can finally convince him. For now though he's sufficiently scarred! Good job Mom!!

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