Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Smidge: Sliced Bread or Smelly Fish

I’ve mentioned Smidge several times now (if you don’t believe me see here - #75 - and here, and here, and here, oh and here too) but some of you are still like “Who’s Smidge?” I thought it best that she introduce herself so you can truly understand why this girl is my best friend. Also, she’s a fabulous story teller as long as no shiny objects get in her way so it seems a shame to deprive the world of her awesomeness. I mean, it would just be selfish of me to keep her all to myself. SO! I finally convinced her that she should guest post for me while I basically ignore my own blog and continue to try to convince her to start her own so without further ado….ladies and gentlemen, I give you SMIDGE!!!

Growing up I always thought sleep overs were a ton of fun. Spending the night away from home, staying up late playing games and eating whatever junk food you could get away with. But eventually the night would turn to day and my mom or dad would call to tell me they would be over soon to pick me up. Wanting the fun to last a little while longer I would ask to stay and hang out, but my parents would always say "you know what they say about guests and fish". For those of you who don't know this little gem from the great Mr. Franklin they say that both start to stink after 3 days. So when Lily suggested that I write a guest post on her wonderful blog my first thought was “dude that would be awesome!” I'd get all the joy of writing a post without all the work and worry of having to keep a blog updated. For me this is the best of both worlds. But then I heard my mom's voice reminding me that guests aren't always welcome and I began to have doubts. Would people who have come to read the latest escapade in the life of the mom next door really want to read about little old me instead? Would anyone out there really care about the thoughts bouncing around my head? But Lily is a very convincing person (if you don't know this already) and she insists her readers are going to think I'm a hoot. And being the push over that I am I agreed to write a few guest posts for her just to see how it goes. So here you are readers, my first guest post, with the possibility of more to come. I don’t really expect to produce the greatest thing since sliced bread but I hope I can at least put a smile on someone’s face. And you guys will just need to let me know if you start to smell something fishy. Here goes...

Even Tom Boys like to feel pretty
My poor mother, she had 4 daughters and we’re all Tom Boys. Growing up I always had scabby knees and dirty feet (shoes in my option are over rated). She tried so hard to get us to appreciate the joys of shopping and putting on makeup, but it just never quite stuck. For me having to go shopping for new clothes is right up there with root canals and jury duty (something that you should ALWAYS try and get out of). But you see I’m an Amazing big sister so last week when my sister was complaining about having to go shopping for a new dress (she has a wedding to go to) I told her I would brave the outlet mall with her, and hoped that would make the whole thing go faster. When shopping it’s important to have a battle plan, in my family it’s divide and conquer. This means once in the store we split up and pull cloths we think will work for both of us and meet back at the dressing room to try them all on. Clothes are passed back and forth until the floor is littered with the fallen, and we want nothing more than to punch whoever designed this seasons latest fashions, cause they NEVER fit normal looking girls!! (I’m sure a lot of you out there know how this goes). On this trip only one of us needed a dress so I thought I’d get out of the horror of looking at myself in the mirror in ill-fitting clothes but my sister had other ideas. After several failed attempts to find something, she handed me one of the discarded dresses and told me to try it on. I reminded my dear sister that I didn’t need a dress but she didn’t seem to care. So I put on the cursed thing just to get her moving again. When I came out for inspection my sister took one look at me and said “oh you look like a princess” I, of course, laughed in her face, cause really a princess, come on! But then I looked in the mirror (I even did one of those girly spin things) and by George I did look like a princess!! Despite the fact that I have nothing yet to wear it to I brought that pretty party dress (which was on clearance by the way making it even better). And as they rung me up all I could think about was how proud my mom was going to be.


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  1. Hello, Smidge!!

    I rank this post sliced bread. Not smelly fish. :)

  2. Sounds to me like Smidge is throwing a party for all of us to meet her, and to show off her pretty dress...When should I book my flight.....Nice to meet you Smidge.

  3. You are a HOOT and I love you!!!! However you can clearly tell you're not a girly girl because you didn't say what color the princess dress is?? You leave me in suspense ;o) but I can't wait for your next guest appearance!

    Kitty =^•.•^=