Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday

So you might not know this about me but I think about some really random crap. (I know! Hard to believe, right!) Most of the time I spare you guys the details but I have come across the perfect platform to spew my mind vomit all across the Internet. 

Thought Vomit Thursdays
 was brought to my attention by Josey over at “My Cheap Version of therapy”
 (Go ahead and click the link. She’s fun and has an adorable new baby.)

Here goes…

So Christmas really did go smoothly. We all had a good time and PLENTY to eat! Here are some of the highlights from Christmas morning…

Showing off our designer Christmas headbands
(My dad knows the designer! We are so posh!)

Best. Present. Ever.

He got a calendar. He's obsessed with calendars!

Babe hugging her new favorite baby doll

I don't think I need to explain why I posted this picture. Awesome.

If you look at Babe's feet, they are resting on one of her favorite Christmas toys. A real metal shopping cart! Totally awesome!

Later, after everyone left, I was walking around the house and realized just how great a Christmas it was. Nothing says AWESOME CHRISTMAS PARTY like the wreckage left behind.

The remainder of the nativity scene. I'm not sure when the rest of it was moved.

Gingerbread house...or what was left of it anyway.

So desolate! 

Partied out

A good Christmas was had by all! 

So my friend Smidge, you remember Smidge, right? She is my idol (well, I don’t actually want to do what she’s doing but I’m really, extremely, super-duper proud of her for doing it). She is going to run a ½ marathon at Disney on Saturday! She’s been training for a long time now and she’s run more in one stint then I have ever run in my life and she’s a tad nervous but I know she is going to do so awesome and earn her Donald Duck Award for finishing the run. I don’t know about you, but to get a Donald Duck award for anything is pretty freaking awesome! She has to run 13.1 miles in under 3.5 hours and just thinking about that makes me want to crawl in bed and cover my head with the sheets! So please join me in saying “GO SMIDGE GO!” and “YOU CAN DO IT!” and “Don’t get on the wrong bus and end up at the finish line instead of the start line!” YAY SMIDGE!”

As always, thinking about exercise immediately makes me think about food. Which leads me to my next thought vomit…they are now making Gluten Free Marshmallow Pebbles and can I just say THANK YOU POST CEREAL for bringing joy back to my life! (I may or may not have been caught in the pantry eating the marshmallows from the box by my children.)

And since I mentioned exercise I should also mention that I got Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for Christmas. She is kicking my ass! I’ve stuck with it for a week now and I’m ready to move onto level two. I haven’t lost any weight (muscle weighs more than fat, right?) and my stomach isn’t any smaller (I don’t think that it has anything to do with the entire tray of Rice Krispie treats I ate in a day and a half.) but I can now do 15 real pushups. In a row. Without stopping. Honestly, the only way to celebrate that achievement is with an entire tray of Rice Krispie Treats! Yay me!

But again, please send good vibes to Smidge and if she does as awesome as I’m expecting maybe I’ll post a picture of her Donald Duck award and make you all jealous!! (You know, if she ACTUALLY SENDS ME A PICTURE. Or, if she posts it on Facebook because otherwise, I doubt I’ll ever get a picture. SMIDGE, ARE YOU LISTENING?)

Yes, this is Smidge, and I love her! (In all her pink ruffled glory!)

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  1. Good luck to Smidge, and glad to hear you all had a great Christmas.

  2. I truly hate running. Hate hate hate. But to get a Daffy Duck award? I'd consider it!

  3. I started the Shred once. I liked it. (Notice I have nothing else to say on the subject of!)

    My oldest daughter's grandmother and aunt (thru her step-mom) are running in that same 1/2 marathon at Disney! Small world (*snort*, just realized-no pun intended). And yes, I said grandmother and no, it's not her first one. :)

  4. I am so proud of her too! Amazing! I am out of breath running up the stairs. Also, knowing the adult Smidge, I can't believe she ever wore such a frilly pink outfit, too cute lol.