Thursday, January 19, 2012

Should I be worried?

Babe has...a certain tendency. I don't know if I should start being alarmed or if the fact that she's only 2 should give me some comfort, but it's hard to ignore.

At first it was cute...

Those are her pants around her ankles, not leg warmers or ankle weights as my cousins accused me of. She also has a Buzz Lightyear laser - the purple thing - on her arm, just below her tattoo (I think it was a soccer ball that time). All the cool kids are doing it.

Then it was sassy...

Doesn't every kid put beer koozies on their arms and walk around with no pants on? Just in our family?

Now it's just weird...

 Maybe it's progress that she has underwear on this time?


Good to see she has my fashion sense.

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  1. I say that since it appears she likes to at least clean your house bottomless, let her do it.

    chores getting done is so worth a bottomless babe. :)

  2. That's flipping awesome! I wouldn't be worried, I'd be PROUD! :)

  3. Love it!! My youngest goes sans pants/clothes all the time. We've stopped caring...mostly. LOL

  4. Haha how cute!

    My daughter loves to walk around in her undies...

  5. So funny! If she's cleaning, then I say anything goes! My youngest has been refusing to wear pants lately. I guess I should be grateful he keeps his diaper on, though he was attempting to take it off tonight! Duct tape maybe.

  6. She is beyond precious! Love it!

  7. She's super cute. I wouldn't worry to much about the pants...yet. Now when she's 15, now that's different.

  8. At least she's trying her best to help with the household chores. Just doing it bottomless. Haha. That was cute though.