Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Flashback

Last year’s Christmas picture (bird or gang signs, you decide) was such a hit that I thought I’d stick with the theme for one more week.

In this picture Bud is just 3 months old and we were getting ready to go to my cousin’s wedding. I think he was really excited to go! Don’t you? He tried to hide the fact that he was flipping us off but pictures don't lie.

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  1. OMG what a cute little man!... and a kind of evil one hahaha

  2. He reminds me a little of a gangster baby in that photo. I think it's the cool calm stare with the sly gesture. Seriously cute!

  3. aaaaah! he looks so grown up here! all he needs is a wallet and cell phone in his jeans and I'd think he was a handsome mini adult!

  4. Gaaah! So cute. I just want to eat his cheeks right now. Nom nom nom.

  5. He's so adorable! He suddenly grow up in my eyes with that little photo. Haha. What a cute little man.