Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 13 - Summer Bucket List

What's Mine Is Yours

I'm linking up with Jennifer (@ What's Mine is Yours) and her friends for their weekly Thursday 13. They've had some really good themes and Jenn was nice enough to give me advanced warning this week so I had time to come up with my own post! (Thanks Jenn!) Feel free to join in too and visit Jenn every week for the next installment. I plan to participate as much as possible.

This weeks theme is "Summer Bucket List." (You know, in case you couldn't gather that from the title and the fancy dancy button at the top.) 

I have high hopes for this summer. I'm hoping it brings new beginnings and the healing of souls. I think each item on my list will help me get a little closer to that goal. 

  1. Run in the rain with my kids

  2. Make a day trip Enchanted Forest Water Safari

  3. Have a picnic

  4. Wear a bikini at the beach/pool AND not be laughed at behind my back (work in progress but it's getting there!)

  5. Draw with chalk on the driveway with my kids

  6. Convince Bud to ride his bike without training wheels

  7. Hike to Piseco Lake (in the Adirondacks)

  8. Visit my cousins on Long Island

  9. Have a professional take pictures of my family playing outside

  10. See a movie (it’s been a while!)

  11. Have a camp out in our backyard

  12. Swing in a hammock with my family

  13. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment at least once a day

Summer seems to go by too quickly each year so I'm hoping I can scratch each one of these off  and maybe even have some unexpected fun times too. 

P.S. I would have had more pictures but Blogger is being stupid so please just use your imagination!

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  1. Yay! So glad you linked up! Love your list!

  2. Sounds like a great summer to me. Of course my great summer includes anything with no junior high students involved. ;-)

  3. So much fun! I want to make one of those lists too. Lilly, you forgot one thing...unpack those last few boxes :)