Monday, June 4, 2012

Pimp My Ride

The time is coming for me to get a new car. Mine is slowly but surely on its way out. It’s 10 years old now and steadily there is more and more going wrong like the external temperature display isn’t working…the horror!. We’ve done a lot of soul searching discussing and we’ve determined that we need more than 5 seats. Yes, we are a family of 4 but we often have people riding with us and as we look to the future and our kids start having friends over we are going to need to fit more people in our car (especially with the bulky car seats being required until 80 pounds. My kids will be in high school before they are out of a booster). Not to mention that when my parents come up we have to take two cars to go somewhere, someone gets left behind, or one of us sits in the trunk. (It’s super safe, I swear. The spare tire that is in there because the latch broke that keeps it under the car is really good at keeping movement to a minimum.)

So we have been pouring over car websites trying to determine what is best for us. We could go with 7 passengers and get something like the Sorrento or the Explorer. We could go 8 passenger and get a Pilot or a Traverse. Or…we could…gulp…get a minivan. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps the thought of a minivan wouldn’t be so traumatic if I wasn’t also turning 30 this year. It’s just, the thought of turning 30 and driving a minivan makes me…I don’t know, sad. I’m not a soccer mom! Next thing you know I’ll be buying mom jeans and getting excited about my husband building a shed in our backyard. Shit, that’s already happened. Why do minivans have to be so darn practical? It’s really rather inconvenient.

We haven’t decided one way or another yet but so far I’ve determined that if I’m going to give in and be a soccer mom get a minivan, I’m not going to settle. It’s the Honda Odyssey or nothing. Have you seen those things? It’s like a super pimped out mom-mobile! Add a little hydraulics and some sparkly paint and I could cruise even the toughest neighborhoods and get the respect of all those that laid eyes on my ride. Not to mention that I could keep the kids distracted while we roll past the drug dealers and working girls with the built-in DVD players with surround sound. Holla! (I should mention that we’d have to drive a long way to find any neighborhoods with drug dealers and working girls roaming the streets but look how handy those built-in DVD players would be so we could make the ride in peace!)

Now, the pimped out mom-mobile doesn’t come cheap. Actually it’s just as expensive as the nicest Pilot or Traverse you can get, so really, is it worth my anguish of owning a minivan? We shall see. Until then I will secretly daydream about cruisin’ ‘round town in my pimped out mom-mobile and cry in my mom jeans about what my life is coming to.


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  1. I understand. I felt the same way when we got the station wagon. STATION WAGON!! The mini van was a step up!

  2. When we had Taylor, I turned in my sporty Mazda 6 and got a 7 passenger Traverse (second row is captains chair).

    I couldn't get a minivan. I couldn't. But seriously, the Traverse doesn't look any hotter. I'm a mom. In a big effin' mom-mobile. End of story.

    Good luck auto hunting!

  3. Um, yeah. Under 30 with two kids in the minivan is the epitome of hot. Believe me!!!!!

  4. A Swagger Wagon!!! Check out this link:

    Not that I drive a minivan *insert full body shivers*. We have a family of 5 and drive a YukonXL. I looooove it. We can pack all our crap in it for vacation (without that embarassing thing on top), and still have room for the kids and the teenager gets her own seat (since all she does is sleep anyway). And....we can fit lots of friends and various grandparents in it :)

    Good luck!!