Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conversations with Smidge

Smidge hurt her knee and has been limping walking around with an immobilizer for a few weeks now. I asked how it was going and what follows is our conversation...

Smidge: It still hurts and now like my shin is hurting from the brace I think and my upper thigh from the weight of the brace so that’s not fun. BUT I could bend it more so that’s very good. And I think I figured out a way to help with the slipping (cause the dumb thing starts off at the right spot but then after you walk like 10 steps it slowly slides down your leg a little) I put an ace bandage under it right by the bottom to help it (and hopefully take some of the strain off my shin too) so far it is helping but ask again later please.

Me: How annoying! Good thinking about the ace bandage though. But just think, you’re thigh will be ripped by the time you are done wearing the brace. Then of course your other leg won’t be so you’ll be all lopsided but hey, one strong leg is better than no strong legs, am I right?

Smidge: I’m not sure you are….I mean sure it will be kinda cool to have one side all hulk like but how will I find  pants that fit right?

Me: Excellent point. But! If you are ripped that much you could probably just wear shorts all the time. Problem solved!

Smidge: You my dear are a problem solver if I ever did see one… well done

That conversation was followed by this conversation just minutes later…

Smidge: What are you doing for child care during the summer?

Me: We have to find someone for July and August. I have no idea who that is going to be! (And yes, I’m fully aware that time is a’tickin.)

Smidge: Whatever you totally have lots of time to find someone. Like a Whole month…well ok not a whole month but like 2 weeks (Ok, so this conversation is a few weeks old, you caught me. Writers block is a bitch.) and that’s lots of time to find a care giver for your kids…worse comes to worse you just set up like a play area in the backyard and leave some toys and food in a box for them, you know like you do with a dog.

Me: My kids are terrified of bugs so I’d just leave them locked in the house. That way they have access to the pantry and stove. Bud is totally old enough to make grilled cheese or macaroni!

Smidge: Even better! Plus then you could just put on a movie for them or nick jr and that should keep them out of trouble. My mom used to use the TV as a babysitter ALL the time…and I turned out just fine ;-)

Me: I use Nick Jr as a babysitter all the time so they would totally be fine. Plus Bud knows how to work the TV so if they got bored of that he could just change it. As long as I left drinks out for them they would totally be ok.

Smidge: Then there you have it a perfectly good plan…problem solved once again, we are on a roll today

Me: Man, at this rate we should really try to tackle more serious world issues. I mean, we might be able to achieve world peace at the rate we are going.

Smidge: Or hunger! That would be a big one

Me: Oooh! See! Man, we are just SHARP this morning! I think that deserves some chocolate! 3 Musketeers bar it is!

Smidge: I have peanut butter cups! But I’m saving it for later…right now I got myself some tea

Me: Tea does fit in well with the whole world peace thing. Good choice.

Smidge: It’s very adult of me right…and I’m sure you agree that the 6 sugars I put in there doesn’t make it any less adult like

Me: No, not at all! When life gives you tea, make sweet tea. Isn’t that the saying?

Smidge: Yeah I think that’s it

Happy Tuesday Peeps.


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