Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm not dead...I even survived Central Park!

Oh hello! Remember me? Long time no see. How are the kids? How ‘bout that weather? I think another frost is coming. Did you catch the Yankee game?

Ok, enough of the small talk! Let’s get on to the important things, like colon cancer! You can’t get more serious than color cancer. Unless of course you’re talking about running around Central Park to help in the fight against colon cancer. Then it’s just fun! I mean, old men speed walking during the 4 mile run, falling face first in a Central Park gutter, giant inflatable colons! The fun never stops!

Inflatable colon. Seriously!
(Bud is attacking the cancerous cells with his light saber!)

We got there early so I picked up all of our tags and numbers, including those for my cousins and Aunt. I was able to get two of my cousins and my aunt but my other cousin wasn’t registered! PANIC! I pleaded with the registration lady to let her be able to sign up when she got there but the race was sold out (who knew a charity run could sell out?) and she was being all Soup Nazi on me.  So when my cousins came I had to break the news to her that she wouldn’t be able to participate. Until we all realized I’m an idiot (so hard to imagine, but it’s true) and determined that I was asking for KM when I should have been asking for K “D” since D is her married name…has been for about 10 years! Uh, DUH! So it all worked out because she was properly register under her actual name, not the name I still call her. (Those registration people are so picky! Why didn’t she know her last name was D now? Sigh.)

We had some waiting around to do but Bud kept busy with his Light Saber while Babe chilled in the stroller.

Princess Butterfly indeed!

So being as this was my first ever race I wasn’t exactly sure how they marked our time but since I have experienced runners as friends I knew there would be some sort of chip or whatever. What I didn’t realize was just how awesome it would be!

Taking this picture really made me want to say things like “Colon cancer runners of the world…UNITE!” 
(Yes, I had to proofread to make sure I didn’t spell untie instead. We’re good.)

The walkers didn't get fancy shoe loops but that doesn't mean they don't get a cool foot picture! Colon cancer is an equal opportunity disease...it wouldn't be right for me to discriminate!

So my biggest fear for this run was falling face first into a NYC gutter not being able to finish the whole thing. Yes, I had practiced hard and was motivated but I have a tendency to fall short of my goals so I was a little skeptical of my chances.

I’m pleased to report that my goal was achieved! I did not fall face first into a NYC gutter (YAY ME!) and I did achieve my goal of running the whole thing. I was pretty pissed at myself for not keeping pace with my cousins (they finished over 30 seconds ahead of me) but I did achieve my goal of running it in 40 minutes. (Ok, so 40 minutes and 29 seconds, but whatever!). 

But more importantly my husband smoked us all! He ran it in 31 minutes the jerk and finished 436 overall!! There were more than 2,800 participants and he finished 436! I bow to him and his freakishly long legs. (I will not reveal the place I finished in. I like to keep what little pride I have thank you very much.)

My Aunt and cousin participated in the 1.7 mile remembrance walk and finished 4th. They hadn’t realized they could have won the thing so I guarantee next year they’ll be elbowing people out of the way to make it into first! Good job ladies!!

We all did really good and I’m proud of all of us!

And really, my husband and I couldn’t have done it without the generous babysitting of my mother! She watched Bud and Babe while we all participated. Thanks Mazda! (Yes, I call my mother Mazda sometimes. What of it?) And thanks to my dad too for helping us carbo load the night before with an awesome (as usual) macaroni dinner!

A few more pictures from race day...

Pre-race, trying to keep warm
(Can anyone spot the non-Italian?)

Snuggling close for warmth

I'm not sure if they are hugging or chocking each other.

Bud loves his NYC Subway map shirt!

The superstar!  

KD and JM finishing strong!
(And laughing! Jerks!)

LOOK! I'm not dead! YAY!
(I'm in the white shirt smiling because I'm still alive) 

Tired and ready to EAT!

We concluded Race Day 2012 with an awesome Brunch at EJ's Diner. I had a western omelet and an egg cream! I don't know a better way to celebrate not dying in Central Park!

Thank you to everyone who donated to this very worthy cause! The money we were able to raise will be put to good use to prevent more people from succumbing to the disease.


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  1. first, i clicked on this link b/c it looked like bud was inside a part of the body. i'm excited to see it was colon. :)

    good job with the race - you rock!!

  2. Congratulations! Nice work :)

    And yeah, I actually did come over here yesterday to make sure you were still alive. Welcome back!

    Also, Babe looks soooooo old in those pics! She grew up in the couple weeks you were away!

  3. congratulations! sounds like an awesome race :)

  4. Congratulations!!! You did a great job. Don't worry. I will smoke your husband in my first 5K, whenever I decide to sign up for one. :P

    I think that is the cool thing about running. It's so inclusive. It's about a start and a finish. Everybody has to do the same thing and nobody is left out. Everyone has a different skill level but if you choose to participate, nobody can deny you that right. You know? There's no first-string, or second string. If you want to, you can. You may not be the fastest, but nobody will say you have to sit out. I think that is just the neatest thing.

  5. Yeah! How amazing!!! You are my new workout super hero...because let's be honest, running sucks :)

  6. I have seen it all, now that I have seen a giant colon you can run through.

    Too funny, but good for you all for participating.