Monday, April 30, 2012

She-Baby Shenanigans

A Virtual Baby Shower for our friend Oak

You are one lucky little girl. Not only do you have a family that already loves you unconditionally but you have our corner of the blogosphere wrapped around your little finger, and you aren’t even on the outside yet! You have a lot of things going for you but you are really lucky because your mama is a fighter. It’s not been easy for her to get to this point but she has handled everything life has thrown at her with grace and beer humor. She wants you like a fat kid wants a cookie, and she won’t let anything get in her way! Rogue breast tissue? Whatever! Being exposed to scary daycare diseases? Pft! She might be getting crap slung at her from every direction but you know what? She’s fighting through it, finding the humor (and the ridiculousness) in all of it. I like to think that some of that toughness is rubbing off on you and you’ll be able to handle the eventual crap in your life with grace and beer humor too.

So cheers to you She-Baby! May you kick ass like your mama and may you grow up to write about it on the internet! We can’t wait to meet you!!

Here's a picture of the stylin' onesie you can expect soon...



P.S. Oak - Happy Virtual Baby Shower! Here's to you and hopefully a smooth month until She-Baby is snuggled in your arms! We can't wait to meet her! 

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  1. Thanks Lily! I love the onesie and I'm glad that we can at least laugh at all the stupid shit that's happened this pregnancy and that no one actually saw my posts for what they were: bitching, bitching, bitching. :)

    Did I ever mention that homemade salsa made me happy and offensive in the breath department? Num and thanks!

    You da best!

  2. Hahah awesome post!

  3. Aw, very sweet.

    That onesie made me giggle.