Monday, April 30, 2012

Things that disappoint me and/or otherwise piss me off

3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp – I’m not a huge chocolate fan (don’t get me wrong, I dabble, but when it comes down to it give me pure sugar over chocolate any day) but I can never get enough of 3 Musketeers. So today while I was shopping for a sugar fix I came across the new 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp. I brought it back to my desk and lovingly unwrapped it. As suggested by the title of this post…very disappointing. The crisp part was more like stale nougat. Sigh. (Yet I still ate both bars. I am a sad individual.)

My scale – I have been working out 5 days a week and I’m very proud of myself (stay with me here, the disappointment is coming up). I’ve stayed focused and have started to see results. However, the damn scale won’t move. I had a really good week where I ate almost nothing (besides the usual 3 meals a day – I wouldn’t starve myself people!) and I lost 3 pounds. Yay me! Then my period hit and I ate my body weight in candy and gained two of the pounds back. So I have 4 months of daily exercise and I’ve essentially lost one pound. While I’m seeing the results in inches and muscle tone, my mental state could really use a pound or two less when I step on the scale. Now, I completely understand that my eating habits are terrible and if I had the willpower of an adult rather than a 2 year old I would be losing weight along with my other results, but come on, it’s sooo much easier to blame my scale!

Squirrels and bunnies – Step off bitches! Leave my tulips alone. Leave my free Rose of Sharon bushes courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation alone. Leave my newly planted seeds alone, and if you touch my tomato plants I will give my husband permission to get his .22 and teach you a lesson.

Captcha “words” – must you have TWO unreadable words now? Don’t you realize that posting a comment of “AWWW!” shouldn’t require a retina scan and blood sample?

Other people – I could go on and on about this one but I listed this specifically for people who don’t find as much enjoyment as me when they have the same name as my kids. I mean really. They should feel blessed that I found their name worthy of my children. MY CHILDREN! We agonized over names both times and did pretty darn well if you ask me. The least you could do is fake being happy along with me.

Happy Monday!


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  1. I recommend making yourself feel better about the motherfucking 3 musketeer by getting a white chocolate kit kat...STAT.

  2. mmm...kit kats... wafer chocolate. I know what I'm buying on my lunch break.

    Are you eating ENOUGH calories for the amt you're working out? There is such a delicate balance needed...too FEW and you won't lose either. So ridiculous. MFP ( has really helped me with that.

    I hate catchpa words. Hate. I barely comment on blogs that still have the catchpa on them anymore b/c it makes me so mad to try over and over to desipher the stupid things.

  3. OOOOOOOH I pissed and moaned over catchpa phrases recently too. They are so annoying.

    Please, people, if you have catchpas, please get rid of them. PLEASE.

  4. This is hilarious. Love the bunny part! And the names :)

  5. WTF is a catchpa word...

    Also, I too struggle with the fact that i workout all the time and don't seem to lose all that much weight. My problem is that I drink it all back on. In fact I think I only workout so I can justify having a drink later that night. Calorie free wine and beer would be the ideal Mother's Day Gift!!

  6. Those durn catchpas! Honestly, they make me stabby. Love your last one about other people. Hilarious!

  7. I hear ya about other people. Man they suck

  8. Lil...I have been without Internet for too long! Pering myself reading your posts...backwards of course, and pretty jealous of Hawaii too, even though my legs might resemble your dad's soon since I can't figure out how to shave them in a small stall shower with no where to prop them :)