Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey Now, He's An All-Star

Bud’s school has a program with the student-athletes from the local college (which incidentally is the same college where I work) that links up a team of student-athletes with a elementary classroom. The athletes will come and do special projects with the kids (mostly reading based projects) and just interact and have a good time with the kids. (They gave the kids t-shirts so you can imagine the excitement level for this program. Free t-shirts = kid crack)

He came home last night with a certificate from the program. He has been chosen by the student-athletes as the “All-Star” in his class! He’s also invited to the Collegiate All-Sports Banquet held for the athletes in May. I wasn’t sure if this was one of those “everyone gets a trophy” type thing or if it was actually something special so I got my relations involved (I love having in-laws that work at the school) and apparently this is a special thing! YAY BUD! I mean he’s always an all-star to me (I mean he IS a future NHL-er after all) but I’m so proud of him for being recognized by the athletes. 

(By the way, the team matched to his classroom? Totally the hockey team! AWW YEAH!)


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