Friday, March 23, 2012

Nailed it!

I played volleyball during lunch yesterday and about half way through I came down hard on my heel. I got a stabbing pain and thought “Crap, my shoe is getting worn out.” Obviously there wasn’t anything I was going to do about it right then so I just kept playing. After a couple of games it was time to go and I lifted up my shoe to see how bad it was. My shoe was not, in fact, worn out. I had a NAIL! IN MY SHOE! It wasn’t long enough to go through my shoe while I was just walking on it but once I jumped and landed on my heel it finally pierced through. My sock was all bloody and I have a nice puncture hole in my foot. Awesome.

Yes, it's rusty too. Awesome.
(Sorry for the poor quality. It's from my non-smart phone.)

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  1. I immediately checked my shoes when I read this. You have me cringing!

    Please tell me your tetanus shot is up to date...

  2. Oww! I hope you have a tetanus shot...but you should probably go get a booster! Hope you feel better!

  3. Ouch. But I think the question here is, did your team win?

    Sounds like you and Curt Schilling have something in common....the bloody sock...Ask your husband if you don't get the reference.

  4. Really! I mean what are the odds of that :) I love that you constantly find ways to spice up your day!