Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sick child blues

Nothing like starting your day to diarreha and vomiting. I really can't think of a better way. Who wants to get dressed in peace, eat breakfast in peace, do a few chores before the children wake up in peace when you can get dressed with a child sobbing at your feet because his tummy hurts only to just make it to the toilet in time (oh, dear Lord! Thank you!) then to put him back in bed only to have him vomit all over his sheets that you just washed. Yes, it has been a fun morning! And now, of course, because he expelled all of his bodily fluids he is now feeling perky and obnoxious much better! Damn that school rule that says you must keep your child home from school for 24 hrs after a vomiting incident!
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  1. Sorry to hear, but you need to treat it as a day off. You 'have' to stay home.

  2. Oh no! That's a bummer! I've decided it must be fall because everyone's sick all at once. We're battling a cold, which isn't as exciting as vomit.

    Hope nobody else gets it!

  3. oh boy - another parenting story from you that makes me shake in my boots. ;) ;) ;)

  4. I just wrote about how I like it when my kids are just a little sick and I get extra cuddles, but not that kind of sick! How miserable for the both of you. Hang in there!