Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Flashback (of the past week)

Well my friends, we have a lot of catching up to do! It has been quite the week! Bud started school, MY HUSBAND GOT A NEW JOB, we got a new family toy, and our town was under three feet of water for a day.

Let’s start with my husband because I can’t contain myself! He finally, finally, finally (finally!) got a new job! (Excuse me while I do a little dance.) Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! It has paid off! It’s with the local phone company (like three blocks from our house! AWESOME!). The pay sucks and the hours (after he gets done with training) won’t be fabulous but the quality of life can’t get any worse than what he’s been dealing with now!!!!! One of the good parts is that he doesn’t start until next month so he has plenty of time to give notice to his current boss AND he can use up his vacation time before leaving so he doesn’t lose it! The best part of this job is there will be a lot of opportunity for advancement. He’ll also be using his brain, which is completely going to waste in the dead-end job that is sucking the life out of him he’s dealing with now. I feel like a weight has been lifted and it’s a glorious feeling! I can’t even imagine how he is feeling! Again, thank you everyone for your prayers!

Ok, now to other matters. We done got flooded in these parts! I’ve never seen the flooding so bad. We handled Irene just fine because our water table was low but the remnants of Lee were just too much. They had to close the school (the second day of classes) because too many of the roads in the district were closed due to either standing or running water going over the roadways. The flooding reached sections of our town that I have never seen flood before! Thankfully we live far enough away from the river that our street wasn’t affected by it. Things are going back to normal now; though, I suspect we’ll see water being pumped out of basements on Main St. for quite a while.

On to our new family toy! We splurged last weekend and bought one of those bike trailer things for the kids to sit in so we can pull them around while we ride our bikes. I love bike riding. I even bought my husband a bike for his birthday a few years ago when Bud was young(er) so we could do it together. We bought a bike seat for Bud so child protective services wouldn’t be called for us leaving him home alone while we rode our bikes we could all enjoy it. Long story short, Bud got too big for the bike seat before my husband was able to fix a broken part (on his brand new bike) and our bikes have sat unused for years. Well, no longer! The kids LOVE the bike trailer and we can’t keep the smiles off our faces and the bugs out of our teeth as we roll through town burning calories.

The kids really enjoyed our first trip around town so when I told them we were going for another ride they got really excited. It was a bit colder and rain was threatening so I told them they had to dress warm. Babe immediately took off running to her room. She came back shortly with a sleeveless onsie, socks, and a pair of underwear! She knows how to be prepared!

And last, but certainly not least, Bud is officially a Kindergartner! I am happy to report I did not shed a tear (I was much to crazed and frantic to be on time that I didn’t have time for tears). When I asked him how his first day went he shrugged and said “It was good.” I pried a little more because there seemed to be underlying tones to his answer. It turns out that he was miffed that it rained the entire day and his beloved recess was relegated to the cafeteria. But don’t worry, his tears turned to joy this morning when I informed him the rain, rain would go away and he’d be able to play outside today. Phew!

I do fear he’s getting a bit snobby though. His teacher sent home some paperwork, including an explanation of her discipline policy. Their reward for being good (by acquiring a certain number of correctly colored magnets) is to choose a toy from the toy box. When I mentioned how exciting it would be to choose a toy from the toy box he said “It’s not even a toy box, it’s an old suitcase.” I didn’t think it was possible for a 5 year old to turn up his nose but by God that child pulled it off like a pro! Something tells me his magnets won’t be the right color if he keeps up that attitude!

But let’s get to pictures. It is Friday after all. I do hope that you’ll allow my Flashback to be of the week old or so variety.

 My fabulous co-workers made me NY Ranger themed cupcakes. It doesn't get more perfect than that!

 Me and Bud braving the wrath of Irene

 My kindergartner!

 Yes, he is standing in his batting stance. Is he my kid or what?!

 I'm glad he's loving her but I really hope he doesn't pop her head off.

Our fun new toy!

Just a few last minute things.

My good friend Spaghetti Westerner is the newest (and ONLY) Blogger Idol!!! Stop on over to her site and tell her congrats! She might be busy eating but I know she'll appreciate the sentiment!! And may I extend a thank you to any of my readers who might have voted for her! She deserves it!! 

Also, as soon as I leave work today we will be heading out for our weekend getaway in the Berkshires! I am so excited! I'm bringing my good camera so expect lots of pictures next week!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Such cute kids! I'm happy that things are looking up for you and your family! I just got a job today too. :)

  2. Your babies are adorable:) Hope Bud loves kindergarten!

  3. Wow glad your spots OK after the flooding! Your Kindergartener is mighty cute :)

  4. Oh My...I don't even know where to start (and you know how rare that is for me:) First...a HUGE congrats to your hubby! Yippee!!!! Second, I am so glad you got pictures of you running in the rain (where is the blog post for that topic again?!?), but seriously, you all look precious.

    I think I am hiting comment limit so I will wrap it up...
    Bud is too cute for words, and life is not life without bike seats (of all kinds).