Monday, September 12, 2011

Our weekend getaway

As expected, they were trying to sell us a timeshare. They did a really great job at the presentation. They almost got us too. Until they lied! I wonder if they really thought we wouldn’t check with my husband’s parents to confirm the deal they had gotten several years ago. When we told them that his parents own a time share through them they told us that they have a policy that allows them to offer us the same price his parent's paid all those years ago. (“What a great deal!”, said the sly fox.) They showed us the offer and it was way too high for us and we would never use all the weeks they said came in the package. (“Not to worry!”, said the sly fox) They offered us a much more reasonable deal that had our mouths watering. Then, we called my in-laws. They paid a third of what the sales manager said they did and have half the number of weeks. Long story short, don’t lie about something that is easily verifiable! Duh!

But besides the wasted three hours of our life that we will never get back, we had a fabulous time together. We played in the park for hours (conveniently located right outside our door!) and took a hike, did some shopping, and even fit in a chilly swim session. Take a look…

 View of the ski mountains from the playground.
 The kids were ordering "chicken nugget burgers" from me.(That's what Babe calls her chicken nuggets from McDonald's.)

 Who's the bad mother who forgot floaties?


This was the hidden pond we discovered while on our nature hike. 

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  1. Looks great - especially for the price of free.

    Now I want to eat some chicken nugget burgers for lunch. :)

  2. Looks like a fun trip, even with the time share trickery. We have some friends who love their time share, but we're not in a position to get one. Nonetheless, my husband is always lured in. I have to pull him away. :)