Monday, November 21, 2011

Why my husband is the best

I have the best husband. He gets me out of all my jams. Not only does he come to the rescue when I have a flat, he also comes to the rescue when I’m incapable of remembering the simplest task! One task that I am particularly horrible with is remembering to buy root beer. You see, every Monday we have pulled pork (hockey practice night and it’s the easiest meal) and I only cook my pulled pork in root beer (have you ever tried this? It’s amazing.) so this morning as I was trimming the fat off the pork I realized, CRAP! I forgot to buy the root beer again! (I also forgot last week and had to use cream soda – we have a cream soda addiction, it’s really bad…but oh so good. Thankfully the cream soda was an excellent substitute but I didn’t make it to the store this weekend to replace it.) So being the fabulous husband that he is he told me he would run out to the store for me. Thankfully he pays attention to personal hygiene and brushed his teeth before leaving. That gave me enough time to realize CRAP! I forgot to get the ranch dip for the baby carrots Bud was taking to school for snack. So off he went, to fetch my irresponsibly forgotten items. Before he checked out, he called to double check that I didn’t need anything else while he was there (he’s so thoughtful). I assured him that was everything.

I was woefully late, even thought I woke up early to make sure I had enough time to trim the pork. But I was humming right along (even pouring Babe a drink with one hand while the other hand was covered in pork fat). My husband came home and helped me finish getting the kids ready. He was organizing Bud’s school folder and came across the little slip of paper that said Bud (aka ME) was responsible for bringing a bag of small marshmallows so they could make a Thanksgiving treat tomorrow.


I’m already running late, my husband has already gone to the store once for me, and I’m still an idiot. (I had read the note on Friday but didn’t realize they needed it today.) So I figure I’m in for a early morning dash to the store with my uncooperative slow ass kids. My husband and I leave the house at the same time (he even helps me get the kids in the car, this new job, with different hours is the BEST!) so as I was closing my door he says, “See you at the store.” I respond with a dumb look because I don’t know what he means. Yes, my friends, he lead the way to the store (even though the store is in a opposite direction from his destination) and went into the store for a second time that morning while I sat and waited in my car so that I didn’t have to schlep the kids around with me, gaining valuable minutes in getting to work! He is a God-send!

Thank you husband for always rescuing me when I’m a stupid idiot who would lose her mind if you weren’t there to find it in my time of need!


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  1. Oh, loved this! What a sweet husband you have! And I need to try Root Beer with pulled pork. I've tried Coke and Dr. Pepper, but it seem like I had to add other things also.

  2. He is definitely a keeper! And I need to try that recipe...

  3. Well hiya! yes I am stalking you. Hope you don't mind. Maybe I did write that post for you. Judging from the picture of your calfs there at the top, you look like a runner to me.

  4. Aww! I love when husbands come to the rescue! You didn't make him do hockey practice that night too, did ya ?! :)

    Haven't been on in forever! Time to catch up!