Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There used to be a holiday between Halloween and Christmas

Why must the radio stations play Christmas music before Thanksgiving? This holiday gets passed over earlier and earlier every year. One of my favorite radio stations turns into all Christmas, all the time, the day after Halloween. What’s up with that? Just because there are no Thanksgiving songs worthy of the radio doesn't mean they have to switch to Christmas on November 1st. I boycott all Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Christmas carols but, even me, the most impatient person in the world, thinks Christmas music shouldn't be on the radio until December. Why is a month of songs not enough? Don't you get tired of 2 months of Christmas music? Keep it fresh people! Do you eat a whole sleeve of Oreos in one sitting? (Ok, maybe that's not the best analogy.) (Ok, that might be the worst ever.) (Ok, it definitely is the worst analogy ever.) (Moving on...)

Why do so many people hate Thanksgiving? It’s not just one or two people that have mentioned it. Almost every blog I read that has mentioned Thanksgiving says they just can’t wait for the day to be over. Perhaps it’s because I remember all the amazing Thanksgiving dinners at my Grandma’s house before our clan grew too big to accommodate everyone, but I like Thanksgiving. I’ll be completely honest and admit that Thanksgiving without stuffing is sad (I can’t eat the real stuff and haven’t found a good substitute) but I still enjoy getting together with family (even if it’s the in-laws family now – who, let’s face it, are just as good to me as my own family). I like having pistachio pudding next to my mashed potatoes. I even like drooling over the biscuits as they are passed under my nose.

I have so much to be thankful for and marking the day with food just makes it even better! So hold off Christmas. I’ll get to you soon, but right now just give me some turkey, mashed potatoes, pass me the pistachio pudding and for the love of God, someone go get me my elastic waist pants! I’m gunna do me some eatin’ and thankin’!!!


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  1. I LOVE Thanksgiving!

    Buuuuut I have been listening to Christmas music for weeks now :)

  2. I like all holidays that are about food.

    Why can't there be an OREO holiday!!?? ;)

  3. I think looking forward to and preparing for Thanksgiving gets me super excited for Christmas, but you're right, since there is no Thanksgiving music (and seriously, I will not decorate my house with turkeys - I'M ABOUT TO EAT YOU GUYS!) I use Christmas to help me get into the Thanksgiving spirit :)

  4. Shoot, good point! I guess I need to give the holiday a break, huh?