Monday, November 28, 2011

Hockey night (limited edition)

When we signed Bud up for hockey we only paid for the first session (October – December) because we weren’t sure if he’d like it to do it all the way through March. At the end of the summer he talked about doing karate and I’m good with that but I told him he’d have to choose hockey or karate, he couldn’t do both, and hockey is only for the winter. He decided to do hockey and I was thrilled! A few weeks ago we started talking about signing him up for the second session. It’s a big commitment for the entire family but how else is he going to make the NHL? but he really does enjoy it and it’s worth seeing the NHL contract the smile on his face when he’s on the ice. I asked him if he wanted to sign up for the next hockey session and after giving me his “thoughtful” expression (face scrunched, finger tapping his chin) he declared it’s time to try karate. And then I melted into a puddle of tears on the floor, sobbing hysterically for the NHL contract that never was!

I have to say I’m proud of him even if he’s dashing my dreams. He wants to try everything, any new sport, any new adventure. I think he’s made the right choice. I really do! No, I’m serious. Really. (I mean, maybe he’ll get to train with the next Mr. Miagi. How cool would that be?) He knows I want him to do hockey (I’m not nearly as crazed dramatic in front of him – I swear!), and while this character trait may not be the easiest to put up with, he knows what he wants and goes after it. How can I be mad at him for that?! I certainly don’t want to push him into something he doesn’t want (serious) and I want him to explore his options. An informed decision is a better decision I never always say.

Plus, I guess we do have twelve a few more years before pro-hockey is even an option so I guess I can wait it out for another year. I’m a generous mom. I wonder when Babe will start hockey? 

Also, hockey night means pulled pork for dinner. I suppose I can keep Pulled Pork Monday's going even without hockey but it's so much more fun with hockey. Just sayin.


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  1. karate is way cheaper on the family than hockey, however.

    (i'm totally on the hockey train with you, though)

  2. Hahah! You are too funny! I know I am going to be like that too! Yikes, what we have to look forward to :)