Friday, November 18, 2011

Things I learned last night...

Don’t leave your point and shoot camera unprotected in your pocketbook at all times. The display screen will stop working and you will be sad. (Otherwise this post would include pictures.)

Just because you don’t see anything in the road does not mean you won’t run something over and pop your tire on the way home from work.

It takes a few seconds for a punctured tire to lose all its air and freak you out.

Thin leather shoes will not keep your feet warm on a 30 degree night when you are standing on the side of the road.

Your son will not be occupied by a movie in the car if you are on the side of the road and his father and grandfather are outside the car clanking tools and using flashlights.

A spare tire housed under your 10 year old car will rust and be almost impossible to get down.

Having a husband who is strong and stubborn will get your spare tire out from under your car.

Having a father-in-law who is a retired mechanic is very, VERY handy.

Retired mechanics have the best tools (i.e., an air compressor and industrial size car jack)

An air compressor will not help when you have a puncture in your tire that broke the little cords and wires in your tire.

A tire has cords and wire inside of it!

I have the best husband and father-in-law in the entire world. Hands down. No questions.
(And bonus points to said father-in-law who offered to switch cars with me today so he could take my car to get new tires, salvaging my weekend plans to drive to Long Island!)

Always pee before you leave work, you never know how long it will take to get home.


My next installment of Friday Flashback coming up soon…


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  1. LOL, oh gosh, I shouldn't laugh, but that sounds like quite the night!

  2. I have also learned, the hard way, that a the rusty spare tire under your car becomes nearly impossible to remove. At which time I also learned that I too had super human strength. The DW learned a few new words that day.
    I also learned about peeing before leaving work the hard way. Lucky for me they have trees on the side of the road...Lol

  3. Glad you weren't standed out there longer.