Monday, July 2, 2012

Princess Butterfly turns 3

Happy Birthday to my favorite Princess Butterfly! I can’t believe she is 3! Next thing you know she’ll be calling people a bitch and almost pushing her brother down the stairs. Oh wait, she’s already doing that. They grow up so fast!

I know you're all jealous of my mad cake decorating skillz!
(No, I did not put the wrong # of candles on the cake. I didn't think to snap a picture until after she blew out the candles and Bud grabbed one to lick the frosting off  before I could stop him.)

More evidence as to why I sometimes doubt I'm her mother, despite being present at the birth.
(It's a packet of bracelets, nail polish, and earrings)

Every Butterfly needs some flying time

This Tinker Fairy's talent is cuteness

Pure joy!

Happy Birthday Princess Butterfly. I love you forever.


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  1. Omg everything about this is pure precious! She is so stinkin cute and I love her outfit and her swinging with Daddy and that picture of her opening her jewels is to die for! :) Happy birthday little lady.

  2. She is so beautiful! Both of your kids are knockouts.

    Happy birthday, princess butterfly! :)

  3. I also love the "naked" baby just lounging in the background of the one picture. Hilarious.

  4. LOL, oh my gosh, she is SOOOOO adorable and happy in all of these pics. What a fun birthday!

  5. Is this a real fairy? That outfit was so cute. Really looks more of a fairy than being a butterfly to me. Haha.