Friday, July 6, 2012

Equal parts awesome and HFS scary!

My son discovered his hidden talent over the holiday weekend. I always knew he was a good climber but seriously?

This was the first day...

This was the second...

For reference…

This is my husband installing the same swing, standing on a 40 foot extension ladder.

Bud has decided he wants to start a business climbing ropes. I told him he could join the circus…thankfully he didn’t like that idea. However, he would like to charge people to watch him. I told him best of luck. (Am.erica’s G.ot Tale.nt, anyone??)

Here's some video...

(And sorry if it's off the page a little, Blogger is being a witch)

I'm incredibly proud of him and equally scared for his life if this what he does before he's even 6.

Although, as my mom aptly pointed out, he'll climb 40 feet yet won't ride his bike without training wheels. To each his own.


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  1. OMG OMG OMG. I would be petrified, but HFS does he have talent!

    And as a side note - that is one awesome swing. I don't think I've ever seen a swing with a 40' rope. Wow.

  2. Omg so scary! And so impressive!!!

  3. Put a helmet and gloves on that boy! ...and maybe long pants!
    Your loving and scared to death MOTHER!

  4. Wow that's crazy. Yeah it is go boy

  5. That is terrifyingly (really a word?) impressive. How does he do that? Tell him I'd pay $2...but not anymore than that. :)

  6. Get that boy into gymnastics immediately...I'm a coach, I see talent. Ship him up to me and I'll train him. We're going to the Olympics, baby!!!