Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here kitty kitty

So anyone who knows me knows I’m not an animal person. (I know! Stop throwing rotten vegetables! Or at least throw them at my parents, I blame them. It’s easier that way.) Being the non-animal lover that I am I don’t think I’m missing out on anything not having a pet.

But here’s the deal.

My kids LOVE cats. They see a cat and they get all excited and squeaky (which maybe would explain why cats love them back. They become rather mouse-like.) I feel it’s my motherly duty to “enrich” their lives by getting them their own brand new, shiny kitty.

Here’s the problem.

The husband…he does not feel it’s his fatherly duty to get a cat. (He’d much prefer a dog but he, and I agree, thinks that it’s just not a good time to have a dog.) I really don’t want to be cleaning up after a cat (God, that might mean I have to vacuum more than never!) and cleaning the litter box would not be high on my list of fun things to do with the extra 3.5 seconds I have in my day. I don’t even know what cleaning a litter box entails. I suspect it’s not pleasurable.

Oh, and did I mention that I have allergies? When I was a child I tested positive for cat and dog allergies (and also oranges, June grass, and chocolate – however, I ignore the recommendation to stay away from chocolate). My allergies come in handy when arguing against picking up a stray. But. My motherly instincts are telling me my children need a cat. (Or Bud might be sneaking into my room and whispering subliminal messages in my ear while I’m sleeping. I’m not positive.)

I don’t know who is going to “win” this argument. And really, will there be any winners? I guess my kids, but I think either way I lose. I’m either a horrible mother or I have to clean up after a cat. Neither situation is appealing.

The debate rages on…


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  1. I'm a dog person myself. Cats will sit all night and watch you while you sleep. So scary. MY grandmotherly opinion is that 5 and 2 are perfectly fine ages to have a puppy around. Also, no litter box. Been there, done that. Never again. Having said all that, you can't give them everything they want. You can't and it wouldn't be good for them even if you could. So weigh your allergies and free time against all that. I'm perfectly ok with whatever you decide if that's any consolation (as if it should be :P ).

  2. GET A CAT!!!

    I love cats. If you raise a kitten right, they have the same personality as a dog but they are way easier to take care of. You can even leave the house for a long weekend, and not worry about them.

    Plus they keep your lap warm when watching tv.

    GET A CAT.

  3. I happen to have a cat, which you already know, and while I love her, I don't know for sure that you should get one. First of all, if you have allergies, you really shouldn't have a cat around. I only found out I have allergies AFTER getting her, and while I won't get rid of her, the allergies are pretty awful. As far as getting a dog goes, they are A LOT more work than a cat (in my opinion), so if you're not sure about a cat, I wouldn't get a dog in its stead. Oh, and with either one, you'll be vacuuming at least once a week--so there's that. If your kids really want a pet, I would consider a guinea pig. They are small enough to care for pretty easily, but big enough to not be creepy and crawly like a hamster or gerbil. I had them when I was little and was able to take care of them on my own with little adult supervision. Plus, they only live about three years, so they are a short term commitment! Good luck! Looking forward to more stories about whatever you decide!!

  4. Come on get a cat. We have both, and I've had both most of my adult life. I never thought of myself as a cat person, but I think I'd rather have the cat. Sure the litter box sucks, but otherwise are pretty easy.

  5. I'm an animal person. I LOVE animals and I've owned just about every type of pet you can think of. I also own horses, chickens, etc. etc. But? I hate cats.
    Cats dig in their litter boxes then walk all over the kitchen counters. That's disgusting.

  6. make your kiddos clean the litter box, obviously!

  7. Lil...I have the perfect solution. First off, I love all animals (no shocker there huh?) and we have a dog. But A keeps asking for a cat and LOVES cats too. So we decided when we move into our new house we will get a rescue cat and put a cat door in the garage...two birds one stone...Check off the cat box, and it doesn't have to be cleaned!

    Lucky I am here to solve all your family arguments :)


  8. I have two to give away. They are a bit old and messy. Pick either, or better yet both. Did I mention FREE?

  9. I LOVE this--and I SO relate! I actually DID think I loved animals--until I had to take care of CHILDREN! Recently, however, I decided I want to get a dog--one of those annoyingly SMALL dogs that are actually more like cats. But I don't want a yipper--CANNOT STAND yippers! My youngest is SUCH a dog person--I've never seen anything like it--which is why I have changed my tune.
    We had cats when we were first married--they were both rescue cats and I loved them, BUT cats aren't as free with their love--you need to be on THEIR terms. The litter box wasn't an issue because my husband bought the cats and my mother (who HATES cats) told him that if I ever wanted to have a baby, I couldn't clean the litter box. THANK YOU, MOM!
    Whatever you decide--good luck! I can't wait to see where the story goes...I'm eager to see which one of us breaks first!