Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Flashback

This is post-Christmas morning, playing with my Christmas haul. That kitchen set was one of the best presents I ever received. (Only surpassed by the box of dress-up clothes given to me by my aunt that same Christmas.)

(Speaking of great presents, I guess I'd have to say that comforter with hearts all over it also qualifies as a "favorite." I feel like it’s in the majority of my flashbacks. It’s like Where’s Waldo: Heart Comforter Edition.)

(For the record, my mom still has that comforter at her house and we use it to line Babe’s fold-up bed when we stay over. (And it’s not an optical illusion, I shared that bedroom with my sister for a while and we both had the same comforter. Her bed is visible in the picture, mine is behind me and you can only see the comforter because my awesome apron is obscuring the rest of the bed.) My mom also has that night light way in the back of the picture and I have that little wooden table and chair set at my house – you can only see the chair in the picture. And I think my current bedroom floor has the same amount of crap on it…except the carpet is definitely NOT pink.) 

(I really wish that purple body suit still fit me. I lived in that thing! Good times.)

(Did I use enough parentheses?)

(I don’t think you can ever use enough parentheses!) 

(Happy Friday!)


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  1. Just hilarious!!! I love the purple body suit. And I would have gone crazy for that kitchen set back in the day.

    I'm guessing you could find an adult purple body suit if you looked online. Now that would make a great picture too. :)

  2. (That's a great outfit.)
    (I really like the slippers with it.)
    (Pulls it all together, I think.)

  3. I love the body suit! haha at first I thought are those liquid leggings?!