Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Line Dancing Experience

One of my best friends teaches line dancing every week. I rarely go but I do enjoy it when I do. For a variety of reasons, I decided to go last week. I knew Babe would enjoy it and Bud was excited about the prospect of running around on the auditorium stage. 

This is the outfit Babe wore when we went... 
 photo Babelinedancing_zpscb71a17b.jpg

Babe inherited her ability and love of dance from someone else, no question, because she did GREAT for never having done it before! But, as expected, she got a little tired of it after about 3 songs and went to play with Bud. 

But this post isn't really about line dancing, nor about my daughter's stellar outfit choices. It's about Bud. Because what happened when we were leaving is when the real story began. 

I finished dancing and went to round up the kids in the gym. They had been playing with LC's niece (Oh, I should mention that LC is what I will use to refer to my boyfriend) so they had played an invigorating game of tag and all sorts of other games that left them hot and sweaty. When I went in both kids had their shirts and socks off. It was an especially attractive look on Babe with that crazy skirt! As I walked in, Bud saw me and, being the monkey he is, scrambled up some mats that were rolled up in the corner. I WISH I had my camera to record what happened next...but I didn't so you'll have to settle for my awful reenactments using a drawing app on my iPad.

So I walked into the gym to find him like this...
 photo Bud1_zps66e50b32.jpg

And because his effortless climbing skills always amaze me I started to fumble for my iPad so I could tell him to do it again so I could catch it on video. I wrestled my iPad out of my bag, got the camera up and ready, looked up and Bud was GONE! WTF? Until I realized...
 photo Bud2_zps6f6e4e57.jpg
Yeah, he was IN the mat!

 photo Bud3_zpsd05e556b.jpg

As soon as I got to the mat, I knew the only way to get him out was to tip him over. It was a big mat! (Please note: my drawing-to-scale skills are nonexistent) So I told him what I was going to do, reached up, grabbed a hold of the mat, and tipped him over. 

 photo Bud4_zps8a93704f.jpg

As I let go of the mat I told him to crawl out...but what I didn't count on was that the heavy mat would compress...effectively squishing him inside and FREAKING HIM OUT!!!
 photo Bud5_zpsad56a20b.jpg

So I quickly struggled to picked the mat back up and rested it on my knees and told him to slide out of the bottom. Except that he was in full panic mode and all he kept saying was I'm stuck! I'm stuck! HELP!!! So I told him to give me his hands. You know what? He was STUCK!! Because he didn't have a shirt on and was sweaty, and now panicky, he was completely stuck to the inside! I pulled and pulled!

 photo Bud6_zpsb438e630.jpg

And I FINALLY got him out and I said to him...

 photo Dancing7_MSPaint_zps036586ed.jpeg

They both can't wait to go back next week!



  1. Of course this all happened about 20 feet from the rest of the dance group and no one had a clue what was going on.....At least Line Dance is an exciting way to pass the evening!

  2. Hahahahaha - since he's safe, I can laugh.

    Great art work too. That totally made the story come to life!

  3. Oh. My. God. I was DYING reading this.