Friday, April 25, 2014

Italy or bust!

Dudes! I'm heading to Italy! Like right now! I'm writing this in the airport! I have to take a flight to NYC to meet my mom and one aunt and one cousin and then we fly into Rome before our final destination in Sicily! We'll be meeting up with more fabulous ladies...10 of us in all, and we'll be staying in an Oceanside villa for a whole week! Jealous yet? :-)

I was hoping to post some pictures here but my iPad is not cooperating so I'm hoping you can view them from these links. These are pics from the website of the place we are staying! You can expect a plethora of my own pics of this view soon!  

Picture 1

Picture 2

Arrivederci peeps! 



  1. Whaaaaat? I am SO JEALOUS! Have fun!

  2. Awesome. Take lots of pictures and share with us. Safe travels.