Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anyone know a good bookie?

Bud is obsessed with money. We play Monopoly in every spare minute and all he wants to do (and all he does…the little jerk) is land on free parking. He constantly talks about how much money he has saved and what he can buy with it. We had a conversation in the car about who was on what bills. I, shamefully, didn’t know very many so when we got home he asked if we could google it. Did you know there is a $100,000 bill? He said he wanted it. I told him so did I! He asked if we could play the lotto, and then quickly added that if we win I should give all the money to him because it was his idea. Money, money, money, money, money.

A couple of weeks ago when my mom was up for a visit, he asked her to play bank. He was “buying and selling” cars and was giving pretty accurate values to my mom. But the piѐce de rѐsistance was this weekend when he went to a birthday party at the local, in-door mini-golf place. I dropped him off, and like any good mom, I hightailed it out of there so I didn’t have to socialize. When I went back to pick him up the birthday boy’s mom informed me that Ryan had a dollar in his pocket for winning a round of mini-golf. I didn’t think much of it and I told him I was proud of him for playing so well that he won a prize! Until we got into the car and I got the full story: He challenged the mom to a round of mini-golf and bet her money that he could beat her. They got done, after he sufficiently whipped her, where she proceeded to try to give him a “gold doubloon” (fake gold coin) as his winnings. He told her that he meant the bet to be a real dollar…not fake money! (The very notion!) He went on to say that he was glad he won because he didn’t actually have any money on him, but he felt good about the bet anyway because he was pretty sure he’d win. Bud…coming to the a local OTB near you!



  1. Hahahaha watch out Donald Trump!

  2. Hahahahaha - I expect to see him on a future episode of shark tank. He's creative and he has a love of the green stuff!