Thursday, February 27, 2014

Because you can never have too many pictures!

Being away from my blog for so long, I’ve accumulated a lot of pictures that I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of life, so I’m going to post them here. So here’s some things that have happened in the last few months.

Bud has been in to muscles and working out and fitness lately. It's extremely funny while also awesome! He started watching You Tube tutorials of different workouts and was asking me questions on different types of workouts. I taught him how to do a plank and he got to the point where he could hold it for 6 minutes! Have you ever tried to hold a plank for 1 minute?? I have NO idea how he made it to 6!!! But, it was hilarious afterwards because his core was so sore! The next day he said he was still sore and he informed me he would NOT be holding it for 6 minutes anymore! I told him I thought that was a good idea!

 photo Budworkout_zps7e7ddece.jpg

Here's him in a montage of You Tube guided awesomeness...
 photo Budworkout2_zpsa335fb9b.png
Note the appearance of the snowman blanket? The wood floor was too hard and my exercise mat was at work so he improvised! He's doing leg lifts. He increased the difficulty by being up on his arms, as described by his You Tube tutorial!

But my most favorite story...and I SO WISH I had a picture of from a few weeks ago when I took the kids to volleyball with me. They were so good playing on the sidelines and just hanging out. We were in between plays and I looked over and Bud was doing push ups on the sidelines. He didn't realize we were all watching him and all of sudden, very nonchalantly, he lifted up his left arm and put it behind his back and started to rep out ONE-ARMED PUSH UPS!!!!!!!!!! WTF????????? It was AMAZING! We were all going nuts watching him but he still didn't know we were paying attention to him. He did about 5 before he went back to two-armed ones. It was insane! The boy's got some talent! 

Speaking of volleyball, a couple of months ago I brought my camera to one of our games and had Boyfriend's nephew take pictures as we played. He captured one of my favorite sequences of me and Boyfriend. You can see I was going for the ball before he called me off...

 photo vball_zpsdeb9375d.jpg

Now let's get to a little Babe. Her facial expressions and mannerisms are so expressive and hilarious! Never a dull moment for sure! She wanted me to play school with her but I was cooking dinner. I asked if we could play in the kitchen and she thought that was a great idea as she could take the opportunity to teach me how to cook!
 photo Babekitchen_zps31a943d0.png
That last face is my favorite!! "Any questions?"

And finally, like much of the country (except for my friends in the Northwest that NEVER get snow accumulation), we have been dumped on by snow. Most of the snow has also been accompanied by bitter cold temps so we really haven't had much chance to take advantage of the accumulation. But a couple of weekends ago we got a fresh dump and we took advantage of it! We went to the skate park right near our apartment and we had a lot of fun!!

 photo snow3_zps62ab2200.jpg

 photo snow4_zpsb688d31c.jpg

 photo snow_zpsf7f980c1.png

 photo snow2_zpsfa7a93a5.png
Love these two!!

I will leave you with my favorite video of Babe EVER! Just an impromptu dance party in Wal-Mart! There is no music playing anywhere...she's just got her own beat going!



  1. I could watch that video of Babe 234234 times. (I've already watched it 23423 times). It is simply perfect.

  2. I love that you think Bud's workout obsession is funny. Because it is. So. Funny. :) And he looks just like you in one of those pics!

  3. Man, I quit reading blogs for a few months, and your children get years older! Bud is going to be quite buff one of these days. I'm awfully impressed with that 6 minute plank. :)