Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bud's work

Bud brings home a lot of fun stuff from school. They do a lot of neat projects and his teacher pushes them to do challenging work. Writing isn't his favorite thing to practice but he does pretty well and sometimes he comes up with some really great sentences. Like the Father’s Day story he wrote:

 photo 19B05F34-2DCB-460B-83DF-40C991AF5864-3422-00000498B94692ED_zps213b8a30.jpg
My ipod pictures aren’t the best so if you can’t read it, it says:
“The best thing about my dad is when he goes bowling he gives me change so I can play games. He likes to go bowling. His favorite foods are chili, apple pie, and stir fry. Dad knows a lot about…

 photo 8EECD391-21A9-4F4B-B709-5DAF4D9E6141-3422-00000498C2C866BB_zps1f093763.jpg
…nature and animals. I love when we go bowling together because it is fun and I go after he does.”

Doesn’t that make you want to say “Awwww!” I know that was my reaction. But what until you get a load of this one…

 photo 1C173FA9-0C1B-4462-812D-0CEB517C72C2-3422-00000498A9C73A26_zps57dd369f.jpg
Translation: “My sister’s appearance is colorful.”

SUPER AWWWWW!!!! She is colorful! So cute that he recognizes it! 
(I don't think she has man hands though. He probably put emphasis on her hands since she's always touching his stuff. I think this picture is proof that he sees her as two big hands.)

He also recognizes his own talents…

 photo 27D2CB10-16FD-4199-9187-583684E30B50-3422-00000498B2255809_zpscb599207.jpg
Translation: “My talent is climbing and running.”

Yes, yes it is and he’s so good at both!

But sometimes there are ones that you know what he’s saying but it’s so much better if you read it the wrong way…

 photo 4AD6E357-87A9-4DC2-B4BA-1FC82E99D391-3422-00000498A428BF69_zps0668f7f8.jpg
Translation: “I made a mistake by spilling Jose on the floor.” 

Poor Jose. I don’t know why Bud spilled you on the floor but I’m sure he’s sorry. Oh wait, Juice. He spilled JUICE. Right. I still like Jose better.

But then there are the ones that you KNOW you are reading wrong but you just can’t quite figure out what he was trying to say. (I even asked him about this one and he sat there staring at it for about a minute saying “It’s ummm, it’s ummm, it’s aaaaaa, yeah I don’t know what I was trying to say.”)

 photo 654A2F8D-B3F3-41D2-8586-7F7F83CF81F4-3422-0000049881799C61_zps1ece5673.jpg
Translation as best as I can figure: “My momdesing some of my shit.”

I, uh, I...I...I just don’t know what he was going for here. I’m a little put off by the profanity. Especially after he told me yesterday that I need to watch my language after I said “Crap!” Sounds like a double standard to me!

But what really gets me is this one. I don’t believe any translation is needed…
 photo 4F3F949A-BBA5-421F-8596-8E19CCC2FC79-3422-000004989E9E8487_zpsd17a9286.jpg

But look how well he formed those letters. Not really any confusion on what he was going for. I'm so proud.

In other news, I may get him tested for Tourette’s. 



  1. The man hands part made laugh out loud. Then I just kept reading and just kept laughing. Seriously, hilarious.

  2. What a smart kid!! I can't wait for this writing stage. And yeah, the man hands are hilarious. Your explanation of why he sees her hands that way is even better :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA that's great. I'm hoping shit meant shirt, but I still can't decipher it.

    What a fun stage. We are deciphering Taylor's spoken words. You are deciphering Bud's written words.

  4. Hey, so he's an ass man. I can dig it.

  5. Sounds like he is the colorful one! Funny post.