Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Obligatory first day of school pics

Time flies. Children grow like weeds. All those things are true. But seriously, how do I have a 1st and 4th grader already?? A beautiful, exuberant, smart 1st grader and a handsome, witty, and smart 4th grader! Mind.Blown.

It's been our tradition to take pictures at their grandparents house on the first day of school. I'm so glad that's still alive and well!
 photo DSC_0475_zpsjqqsic17.jpg

 photo DSC_0471_zpstdyimv5j.jpg

 photo DSC_0480_zpscxagfkj2.jpg

 photo DSC_0489_zpsigcoqpee.jpg

 photo DSC_0507_zpsahw0pvjs.jpg



  1. I told you on IG last night that the face smash pose is the best picture ever. Beautiful kids you have there.

  2. Every picture I saw, my mind changed in who looked so shockingly older than they did before. Incredible. A is such a little poser :) in the best way ever. Beautiful.