Monday, October 7, 2013

Piseco 2013

This weekend we went on our annual hike in Piseco! The weather this year did NOT cooperate like it has in years past and therefore most of the pictures I wanted to get weren't possible, but we made do! 

You may remember from last year's post (<--that's a link) that I compared my pictures from the previous year. Yeah, that's going to happen each year's so much fun to see how they grow!

Although our relationship status is much different than last year, we decided to take the kids together, and not just because I'd have no idea how to get up there without him driving. :-) I really want the kids to still have family traditions, even if the other 364 days of the year are spent apart. I want them to have at least one day that they can always look forward to. When I told Babe we'd all be going together she said to me, "That means I get to be with both of you?? At the same time???" And then she did a little gasp and clapped her hands. So adorable and so heartbreaking all at the same time! So yes, this tradition will continue, with both of us going despite our relationship status, until they are teenagers and refuse to be seen with either of us in public

Now on to the fun stuff...

We are standing in a cave made by a tree that blew over. It was pretty cool!

Babe has a good smile in this picture but she was NOT happy to be under there with us! Thankfully she's too much of a ham to ruin the shot with a sad face! :-)

Pretty girl!

This is one of the best smiles I've ever gotten out of him!

I don't think his feet touched the ground more than a handful of times. He was hopping from rock to rock like it was his job!

Babe held our hands for most of the hike but a few times she got adventurous and did it all by herself!
Bud...we couldn't keep up with him!

He climbed on every rock possible! No surprise there!

I included this picture because I have no idea why he felt compelled to stand there with his belly pushed out! I love this kid!

Standing on the big rock. (I promise it's there, I just don't have a zoomed out view right now and if I wait this will never get posted!)

Also on the big rock. We were having a good time!

Chair rock...taking up more space than last year!

Big rock
Bud ASKED to take a picture with me. I think that was a first!!

LOVE this picture!

Almost to the top!

What a view...of the fog!

And now a few comparisons...
 Chair rock (last year on left, this year on right)
It was a little hard this year to get the exact same picture because the rock was so wet so neither of them was willing to sit where I wanted them to. But you can still tell they take up more space than last year!

Last year on the left, this year on the right. 

The top one is last year...and what the view is supposed to look like
The bottom is this year and I swear it's the same place!



  1. You are brave woman! Hiking. In the rain. With your ex. BRAVE!!! :)

  2. Awh, I think this is a great family tradition to keep alive for the kids! Great pics (and Sheelah's comment made me laugh out loud *grin*).

  3. That place is absolutely gorgeous!! And what a wonderful thing to do for the kids!

  4. Beautiful area! I would love to take photos there.