Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My son

My son. I love this little boy more than I can even say. He's such a person and a boy and it makes my head spin to think how fast he is growing. He loves Minecraft and Skylander Giants and he's so smart I can't keep up with him. He gets frustrated like me and deliriously happy like me and has a personality all his own. Those crocs on his feet in this picture? He has worn those shoes pretty much every day for an entire year (and they are still in decent condition...way to go crocs!) He loves those shoes! Even though they are fur lined he wore them all summer. He wouldn't wear flip flops, he didn't want to wear his sneakers. I don't think I could ever look at those crocs and not remember how he, all of sudden, grew up in them. He must have the bathroom door closed now when he goes, and won't change in front of me...or says "Don't look!" if I'm in the room. He's not really a little boy anymore. He's most definitely a child, and he's still just a little peanut, but this boy is only just beginning to show what he is capable of. Sometimes it's hard for me to grasp that he's not just an extension of me. That he's having his own experiences and shaping his own life independent of my own. Sometimes I forget. But then I see him working things through, learning how to understand things from his own perspective. When he's trying to understand something he furrows his brow and goes very quiet and you can almost see the wheels turning in his head. He'll talk with me if I prod but otherwise he just sits with whatever it is he's thinking about. 

His grandma took this picture. I wasn't there and I don't know what was happening or what he was thinking, but I love this. This is so BUD! And his underpants sticking out of his jeans? They kill me. This picture is just so perfect. This child of mine is just so perfect. 



  1. Omg I thought this was an incredible post until I got to the undies peak. Then I smile-cried <3

  2. I totally teared up. Bud is a spectacular young man and you should be proud. Little boy undies and all. :)

  3. Gulp, this is so sweet! He sounds like he's becoming a little man. You really hit home with understanding he is not just an extension of you. I refuse to see that about my boy yet but I know it's coming.

  4. I don't even know what this Minecraft is, but with an almost 3-year old boy, I'm assuming we'll be in your world before we know it!!! Precious post. :)