Monday, March 25, 2013

Emotional Turmoil With Benefits

Some people bake. Some people drink. Apparently emotional turmoil makes me crafty. Who knew! 

This weekend I made myself a dress out of an old men's XXL polo shirt. Besides being too tight and a little too short for my 30 year old body I'm pretty happy with the way it came out!

I started with a super big polo...

 photo 5A23C131-433C-4024-BE5E-44783CF13052-1065-0000010F22B73954_zpsa41c4d9f.jpg

and flipped it inside out and took the sleeves off using a seam ripper (look at me using technical terms!)
 photo BFEE8CF2-21F8-4ED7-B7A2-201E3A510E48-1065-0000010F317849F3_zps6bf15d0a.jpg

Then I used one of my shirts as a template to mark where I wanted to sew my new seam. I marked it using chalk (thanks Babe for letting me use your chalk when my fabric marker quit on me!) and then cut the shirt just outside the chalk line so I had room to sew.
 photo 2AB033BA-77FF-487A-BF15-7E3F53EB104B-1065-0000010F3C41DBF3_zpsf95bdd74.jpg

Then I got out my trusty sewing machine (which I'm finally learning out to use without the help of other people! YAY!) and stiched up the sides. Then, after realizing I should have done the armholes first, I struggled to sew down the rough edges of the sleeves. I did it the hard way but it worked and now I know for next time!
 photo 0CBAE65F-36EB-4219-BBC6-5F449234A45E-1065-0000010F4A4DD8DC_zps885da435.jpg

And VOILA! An actual dress!

(Forgive the terrible quality of pictures. Apparently emotional turmoil makes me crafty, not technical.)
 photo 3671B187-6275-4DD7-A9B1-1148D69170F4-1065-0000010F6393B884_zpsf6b563bf.jpg

With a belt and a smirk
 photo 930A6591-D4E4-4F2A-A363-531F4C8C4BF9-1065-0000010F55FA7F78_zps9e0ec20c.jpg

With a different belt and a bigger smirk
 photo D0B3943A-5DE6-4CE7-A233-0F4C06B430A7-1065-0000010F766EAAB3_zps1fe18ed1.jpg

So I went from a huge polo to an itty bitty dress! I'm just as shocked as you guys are!
 photo 13483179-2EE5-409B-A630-B529F8B18AB3-1065-0000010F70AB1FF4_zps78b59b0b.jpg

It's a little short for me so I have plans to extend it somehow, either with added material to the bottom, or perhaps I'll get really daring and add material to the MIDDLE! Whoa, I better take it easy! Next thing you know I'll take up weaving and start making poncho's for everyone!


I dream big my friends. I dream big.



  1. HOLY sh*t - that is awesome! You could always wear it with tights too!

    You must not be very tall. I think even a men's xxl polo would barely cover my...ahem...Shanner of Attention, if you know what I mean. ;)

    1. Thank you for that new euphemism! Love it! And yes, one of my defining features is my lack of height. I'm lucky to be 5". :-)

  2. Great job!!

    When I'm stressed, I eat.

  3. Hey it looks great, good job. Sorry to hear about the emotional turmoil though.

  4. Here I was thinking when I took an old small dress and made a really fetching car rag out of it, I was big stuff.

    I second the leggings...and will refuse to give up my man card for saying so.


  5. super cute! don't not wear it because it's short...leggings!

  6. WTF!! This is's like I don't even know you! Oh wait...;)

  7. Wow. This seriously amazes me. Partly just for your vision in looking at the first shirt and partly because I can't sew anything more than a button on! Oh and those Ukrainian eggs were gorgeous you posted.

    Don't forget about our Easter Basket Showcase link party this Thursday the 28th! I'd love to see what's in the kiddos Easter Baskets this year. :)

  8. Crafty people like you blow my mind! When I am stressed out I just eat candy in my sweatpants. I especially love the dress with the 2nd belt, super cute.

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  10. That is amazing! I want to break out my sewing machine and fire it up! On second thought I might go steal some tadpoles from my sister's house for a fun new spring pet :)

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