Monday, March 18, 2013

I can be crafty!

I got all crafty this weekend. Look!! I made my own skirt out of an old polo shirt!!

 photo F38D8519-42FD-4C88-9980-125DAE09FE99-3361-00000306731D8942_zpsb6a4424b.jpg

I'm not lying! See, these are the spoils...
 photo 9EBC72D0-5526-4153-87DC-AB3A5FA892E8-3361-000003067F261C79_zpse4c2cc20.jpg

I even made an elastic waist and everything! Pinterest has got me sucked in! I actually made this without a pattern or tutorial (thankyouverymuch) but it was definitely Pinterest inspired. Yay for being crafty!

I intend to post more of me being crafty tomorrow (if my family and friends send me their pictures tonight) but this one has nothing to do with Pinterest and everything to do with my all-time favorite ever event...Ukrainian Easter Eggs! (YAY!)



  1. Completely amazing! I cannot believe you actually made that! Don't take that the wrong way...I am just so impressed! Can't wait to see the eggs!!!!!