Friday, April 12, 2013

My boy has become a man

I am pleased to announce that my son has achieved a crucial life achievement.

[Insert fanfare and trumpets here] 

He can officially ride his bike without training wheels! 

There was a lot of blood (his), sweat (most definitely mine), and tears (him), but he finally did it! Let’s just say he started off hesitant (“Don’t you dare let go of me, Mom!!!”) but finished with style (“Mom! Look! I can do tricks! See how I wiggle my handlebars but I don’t fall down!”)

A boy and his bike. 
 photo 271D332B-4763-4FB7-A30C-5963553E820E-9162-000009FD14CEC357_zpsa095c8e5.jpg

It’s a beautiful thing.
 photo 385C4B08-74BE-4263-B9E2-E908C5E5CA70-9162-000009FD0D0C9366_zps553b8c6c.jpg

And just because...
 photo 714E54A7-4122-4DF4-8E08-EB2A92D2F2CC-9162-000009FD0508E959_zpsc7fd0cb1.jpg
I couldn't let the kids have ALL the fun. 
(Yeah, my kids are going to hate me when they are teenagers)



  1. Yay for Bud! I remember my mom holding the back of my little brother's seat as he learned. She was wearing a skirt suit just getting home from work and couldn't run as fast as he was riding. She let go and he didn't notice until he had gone all the way around the block and rode right up behind her back at our house. Once he saw she wasn't holding on, he immediately fell over haha :)

  2. Go Bud!! That really is the beginning of manhood, he's got his own wheels now, look out!

  3. Woo hoo! This is huge! Go, Bud!

    And I love the last picture. You are a spit fire, eh?

  4. Hey good for him. That's awesome. You are so right, A boy and his bike. What freedom. Great picture of you on the scooter too, fun.