Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conversations with Bud

(This conversation occurred in the grocery store as we cruised the aisles.)

Bud: Hey Mom

Me: Yes Bud?

Bud: You see this guy right here? (pointing to his bicep) Well, he’s got a brother and he lives right over here (pointing to his other bicep).

(I swear I feed this child. Please ignore his protruding ribs and resist the urge to contact CPS.) (Thank you.)



  1. My boy is the exact same way. Skinny as a rail too. Talks about the gun show as he holds up his arms to show his muscles. Where do they come up with this stuff. SMH

  2. Hahaha! Love it! I know who to call if I ever need a bodyguard.

  3. Reminds me of the young me. I used to boast my biceps (which I think was already big enough). That youngster will grow real big biceps soon. Kids do grow up so fast.