Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Great New York State Fair

It's that time of year folks! One of my favorites! Fair time!!! The Great New York State Fair is one of my favorite things to much in fact, that this year it's where I'm choosing to spend my birthday! I can't wait! My parents are coming up and we'll spend the day eating fair food and getting sick on rides! Is there anything better?? I think not! And what makes this a real birthday treat is that I got free tickets, courtesy of The Great New York State Fair, just for sharing one of my favorite activites with you!! It's like a giant birthday party from the State of New York!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!! 

I can't wait to see the butter sculpture, the giant sand castle, and one of my absolute favorites, the New York State Police Canine exhibition!! The kids are already planning out the rides they want to go on and we have a complicated system of choosing partners for each ride, especially the giant slide (another of my favorites)!!  So be ready next week for a huge photo dump from our experience!

Babe's first fair - 4 years ago!

Me and Bud on the big slide!!



  1. Have fun! And Happy Birthday!!!

  2. OMG - that first picture of babe is adorable!!!

    ANd of course, happy birthday!