Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NYS Fair and Awesome Weekend Recap

Remember how I promised you two posts in a 7 day period? Yeah, I thought it was a long shot too. But how about 2 posts in a 2 week period? Better than nothing right?

So yeah, my weekend with my girls was LEGEND…wait for it…DARY!!!!!!!!!! Having my friends visit was just what my soul needed! I can’t even recount all the fun stuff that happened because it’s the stupid little stuff that made the whole weekend what it was. However, some things were documented photographically so I am able to recount those. (Lucky you!)

There was that time that Smidge brought a suitcase big enough for her to climb into and get lost…
 photo cf0bf7e52b84fcd87e2a1f5904fd467e_zps70c2bf77.jpg

And there was that time that I wanted Smidge to braid my hair so Jamalee helped me get my hair wet…
 photo d0314da2c3f0054aa39bdc72dd6621e0_zpsf3e89b5e.jpg

And that time we ALL braided our hair and took the wackest coolest selfie of all time…
 photo 9c52ae7264c98b2074a90905b65f6117_zps0a8a2dc6.jpg

And the time we took a picture to make my cousin who flaked on us jealous…
 photo edb78e64c8c485c9fb94453bbc77e9c3_zps620592f4.jpg

As you can see from those documented times, we had ourselves a very good weekend! We spent Saturday at the New York State Fair having a GREAT time!! As you may remember, I received free tickets to the Fair in return for my blogging about it. Honestly, I would be blogging about it even if I didn’t get free tickets so really that’s just a super fun bonus!!

We got there about lunch time and headed straight for the butter sculpture…you HAVE to see the butter sculpture!
 photo B124D0DC-F7A7-4D11-9FAF-480B09A71CB0-4850-0000051CF75F5DEB_zpsf0622d5c.jpg

While we were gazing upon all the wonderful butteryness we had the wonderful surprise of being ambushed by my kids!! I knew they were planning on being there that day but with the crowds I never expected to actually run into them! 
 photo IMG_20130824_125456_142_zps430913e5.jpg

From the butter sculpture we headed over to my most favorite exhibit every single year. It's the same exact routine but I still love it every time! What am I talking about you ask? The New York State Trooper exhibit of course!!!

 photo 7E1191D6-40C4-410A-9007-F38B34F476DD-4506-000004C465AAF424_zps0cabdf25.jpg

 photo A532FF76-027B-41D7-93B2-50FEB9BA4B77-4506-000004C3D6F5D4B4_zps962db85e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130824_141813_217_zps31cd560e.jpg

 photo FED8AE26-7B15-478A-B773-382430743B7A-4506-000004C3D0C63232_zpsa075b3ae.jpg

They always start with the roll-over simulation, then do the K-9 unit demonstration, then comes the repelling demonstration. Based on the pictures I took of the event you can guess which is my favorite!

For the life of me I cannot get Blogger to post my videos using photobucket so if you'd like to experience the awesomeness of this demo please click the following two links: Bad Boys and Repel

I really do love that part of the fair! But that wasn't all we did! No sir! We also walked past one of those photo boards and initially we kept going but all of us agreed we had to turn back and kick the little kids out of it snag some unsuspecting individual to take our picture!

 photo 6e31a01f777213196d1da44a24a31df5_zps1492c42c.jpg
All of us agreed that it was fitting that Smidge was the nut. :-)

Ok, but this year, I have a new favorite part of the fair. For any of you who have been reading me for a long time may remember my love of trampolines and how I've never forgiven my parents for trying to pass off an exercise trampoline as a real trampoline one Christmas I jump on them any chance I get! In the past I've always walked past the trampolines at the fair, nearly salivating at them but my cheap side holding me back. But not this year! This year FUN prevailed! And I jumped! Oh boy did I jump!!! And swung a little too but that part wasn't great. (Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.) 

 photo IMG_20130824_160731_319_zpsd84caf71.jpg

Once again the whole I can't upload videos...so click the link to see me in full swing action!!

In my defense, I believe I started to swing like that because I somehow eventually managed to get my fat ass to do a flip!!

Oh yes, my friends! This was a fabulous Fair experience this year! If you are ever in the Syracuse area at the end of August you MUST make plans to go! You won't be sorry!!

 photo BABCBB6B-36C7-4EBD-8C73-661586848E67-4506-000004C2DB435FEA_zps3c8084e3.jpg
A very bad picture of the giant sand sculpture...also not to be missed!



  1. Oh - I'm so glad you had a blast with your ladies. You guys look like quite the silly bunch.

    And I LOVE the picture of you with your kids. GORGEOUS!