Friday, February 22, 2013

Things I learned in Nursery school

Yesterday I was parent helper at Babe’s nursery school. It meant that Babe was the leader for the day and we had to provide snack. Here’s some of things I learned:

I could NEVER be a nursery school teacher. EVER.

Babe is a very serious bell ringer (she takes her leader responsibility very seriously)

Thirteen 3 year olds are like a writhing mass of jello, always on the move but somehow contained within the shapes carpet.

My daughter rolls her eyes at other people too, not just me. (I’m not sure if it makes me happy that I’m not the only one or makes me upset that she’s already rolling her eyes at 3 years old)

A surprisingly high number of the kids enjoyed the carrots sticks and ranch dip we brought. I definitely thought we’d have more hold outs than just 2. I’m claiming that a success!

I am not at all imaginative when it comes to playing games. I got stuck helping with the beanbag toss and I’m sure lots of mom’s could have made that fun and exciting. Let’s just say that my group was ready to wander pretty quickly.

Having your daughter pipe up from the back seat on the way home and say, “Thank you Mommy SO MUCH for coming to school with me today!” makes my heart melt in ways I didn’t think possible.

 photo CrazyBabe_zps35d9967a.jpg



  1. 1. Eye-rolling is a wonderful skill! Be proud. You've taught your daughter well.
    2. What a sweet girl! That comment made MY heart melt <3

  2. Awwww - I just love her comment to you. I can't wait to do that kind of stuff with Taybaby.

  3. I love her sassy pose in that picture!