Friday, October 26, 2012

It's bright out here on the top side of my rock

Since I found Pinterest started my Master’s class I find that I am sort of living under a rock. I haven’t watched the news in months. I haven’t checked the weather in…months. I get dressed in the morning according to the level of cold in my bedroom at approx. 11pm the night before, which is a surprisingly bad indicator of the following day’s weather. I’m usually incredibly cold in my office during the fall/winter months and our bedroom could double as a sub-zero fridge in the cooler weather so there have been (nice) days where I have literally been sweating the entire day. That’s a pleasant feeling.

I’ve become incredibly bad at water cooler talk. You know, talking about the sensational headlines in the news. Yeah, I have no idea on any of that. I also haven’t followed the election. Not even a little. I realize that will give some of you heart palpitations and I’m sorry for that but my utter disdain for politicians makes my care-factor incredibly low and when I have about 2 ½ hours a night (if I’m lucky) to play with Pinterest  Instagram my kids, the news never rarely makes it on the TV. (I wonder if Nick Jr. would be willing to air the presidential debates and other current events in cartoon form so I can trick my kids into thinking it’s a “normal” show and actually stay abreast of current events.)

I haven’t even been staying current on my blogs. (I’m sorry.) Basically, my life is a shell of its former self. I’m not sure where September went…don’t get me started on October. I just keep reminding myself that I have only 4 more years of this. Four. More. Years. Crap crap crap crap crap 

In other news…

My husband and I haven’t killed each other yet are going in the right direction…dare I say even doing well.

I’ve started helping with Bud’s hockey team (60 on 3 seemed like really bad odds for the coaches. You know, with all those little kids with knives on their feet and clubs in their hands). So I’m the hunched over one with the pony tail sticking out of her helmet picking up the littlest kids and giving them a shove back toward their real coaches who know what they are doing. I only had one kid cry (how was I supposed to know he kept skating over to the wall to get his mom because he had to pee really bad?) and I call that success! Plus, it seems like it’s the only hockey I’m going to get this season (Lockout I hate you) so I’m a gunna get myself as close to the action as possible.

In the sad news department my Grandma is deteriorating at a very rapid rate so it’s pretty much day to day now. Still praying but now it is for her to be released from all her suffering. Cancer is a bitch. (That, right there, is the understatement of the year.)

In happier news, my husband has some good news coming his way. I don’t want to jinx it so I’m just going to be mean and tantalize you with those very meager details and leave it at that. You’re welcome.

Two of my cousins are heading to boot camp (Marines) next week. Please pray, and then pray again, for them!

Babe has been calling people "F*%# heads" lately. We are so proud.

The first graders in Bud’s school are supposed to be able to read 50 words in one minute by June. They had a proficiency exam a couple of days ago and Bud read 100 words in a minute. 100 WORDS! It’s not even half way thru the year! We are checking into the age requirement for Mensa.

Ok, this is long enough and Pinterest is waiting. Hope all of you are doing fabulous (yes, I do realize I’d know the answer to that if I was keeping up with your blogs) and while I’m being a terrible Interneter please know that I love you all dearly!

Peace out!



  1. Wow - lots of yays and boos in this post.

    I'll just say Go Bud! And !*#% yeah to Babe!

  2. Thanks for the update! And OMG, Babe! And OMG, Bud :)

  3. Knives on their feet...outstanding way to put it. And I love Babe's new vocabulary. They grow up so fast! Nice to hear from you Lily!

  4. You chicks and that Pintrest..SMH

    Good to hear from ya.

  5. Isn't it funny how life always gets in the way of blogging? When I have the most to write about, I have the least amount of time to do it.

    I'm glad to see you!

    And I am also really, really bad at cooler talk. I can't seem to learn that when someone says, "How are you doing?" I'm NOT supposed to actually tell them.

  6. Those are all very good reasons to have been absent! I'm glad school and your husband and everything is going well. And Pinterest is quite the amazing invention.

  7. So nice to hear some good news here. Happy for you. And those marker pictures were hilarious too.